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3/27/2005 c19 7DemonSurfer
Eww, semi-dead man in da drawer...Ah! Censored! Uwee hee hee! ^^ (Kefka, if yer wonderin')

I see you've died. Ah, I've created about 5 or 6 of the things. Chrono's been my most sucesful, tho'.

Well, you get candy! Enjoy! Now, back to FF.Net, uwee hee!
3/26/2005 c19 Kizera
Holy, Scots going to rape her O_O...Dude you gotta hurry on the next chapter! I mean on! i waited so long that was an awsoem chapter, sucks jamnis has to leave again, i mean he's goingto end up looseing Dana if he dosn't Stay +_+!
3/11/2005 c7 1Cyphren
Read the first 7 chapters and wasnt too displeased with your opening.

The inclusion of random humour seem a bit forced, but meh, you get that. Its hard to do a compleatly serious story.

Im sorta waiting to see where things will lead. In the first 7 chapters not a whole lot has happened. But you have been busy setting things up so that they can soon happen.

I expect the next few chapters will pick up the pace a little.

Ahh; and writing from the first person seems a little bit of an odd choice... thats not a bad thing... just unexpected.

3/8/2005 c18 xoesotericox
i liked this ending because..death is near..oh. someone will die.. and I think I know who it is! *shifty eyes*

uhh.. Haribel? woman. hehe..i dont know!
3/7/2005 c18 Val
Oh, no, I didn't mean the end end, I hope that one is still far far away, i meant the following chapter. well, This following chapter was very good, like all the others! The necklace seems very pretty, but its gonna get her in trouble no? should she have accepted it and then burried it somewhere? I think she should have. I'd be scared to get them angry. Was it so hard to just write one final name? or to just give us a clue of who got hurt/killed? huh? sometimes I think ur evil!
3/6/2005 c18 Evil Leprechaun
good chaps please update soon! what happens next i must know! so update soon please! Laters
3/6/2005 c18 6Medieval-Rogue
hmph...no fair..flipping..cliffhangers..

Ah well, it was worth it-that chapter, like all before it, kicked monkeys! (sorry monkeys...) and my muse loved the two hundred dollars, and is pumping out the ideas! lol, WHATS GONNA HAPPEN NEXT! I can't believe you updated so soon, but i wanna know who was on the stretcher, and wtf is up with Jamnis, and NATHAN (oohh..the sexy freak...) and...hmph...again, fine. I'll wait...but very anxiously!

Kudos and cookies to YOUR amazing muse for having you write two chapters so dang fast, I'll try to get my lazy muse to do the same! lol, update soon, this story is heating up fast!

3/5/2005 c18 5seilann
Yeah, I kinda did go crazy and murder a couple people because of it... but then I got it back and had to resurrect them. ^_^ Darn you and your cliffhangers! Yes, I believe this DOES count. Well, I'm starting to get confused. Starting, hells, I've BEEN confused. Although I am very glad for the quick updates lately. Or is it just that I'm so busy that they seem quick? Either way, thank you for helping me stay sane (to a point. Again, those cliffies are driving me nuts!)

Did I say already that I like Vlad? *gets the feeling she sounds like an idiot* Wow, those intuitions just come at the oddest times... I want a bracelet like Dana's.

Wow, that was random. Before I scar you for life~


3/5/2005 c18 Kizera
Oh damn are you serious!, you gotta hurry and write more, you know hw long and fusterated i was cause waiting for this X-X...I can't waittill you write another chapter, you better come up with more, and i'll try to make a name up for the university, altho i will warn you i am not good with that lol, and i hope nothing happens to dana i mean nathen keeps sending her crap, and jamnis is an ass for all this, i feel sorry for avery, he;s so sweet, i would of took both of them XD lol koo present
3/5/2005 c18 16Lady MeiLin
Wings! It said WINGS..he envoloped me with his WINGS! He's an angel! Well, with or without wings he's an angel, but who cares! I want a Michael plushie!

Anywho, the plot is getting better and better. I can't wait for more!
3/5/2005 c18 7DemonSurfer
*laughs* Well, if you've taken a look at your sire's blood recentaly, you'll notice that I rarely have over 10 pints. Every time I get between 15 and 25, I find a damn vampire hunter. Crap!Hey! Is the stretcher dude Michael? Is it, is it, is it?Ok, you get candy and a silver cross! And I wanna submit the name Chrono. Eh, it can be a dude.
3/5/2005 c18 Rae
Yes! A longer chapter! Sweet, oh and i also use weird things as bookmarks too like gum wrappers, a shoe lace lol. Oh man, another cliffhanger! I hope Sirel isn't hurt...
2/24/2005 c17 DemonSurfer
Oh, Michael's not gonna like them...Hee hee, I think Mike SHOULD meet Jammy. Fits in perfectly with the real world, an' I wanna see fur fly!Okay, you get candy! And have you ever heard of a site call Vampires! The Dark Alleyway?
2/23/2005 c17 6Medieval-Rogue

damn ... cliffhangers...poopsticks...

lol-THAT was great! It was long! It was ... awesome, DESPITE its lack of Jammy the Clown...i miss him:( Oh well, cuz i like Vlad...i really like Vlad...i think i've dated guys like Vlad...i mean, sorry-off track...

My opinion of Michael, you asked? Well...he's a bit of a jock, you prtrayed that and his ill-temper quite well, but it was sweet when he first saw her...so yeah. I hope Pallas and Vlad hook up...hehe! AND i can't wait to see if Jammy OR ariadne show up...THAT would be suspensful!

:) Well, UPDATE SOON...wait, i dont have room to talk, you're updating really fast...and i am sorry...but i found my muse, and he dispelled my writer's block ...;) hehe, so i think I'll have my Chapter 8 up soon...Kudos and cookies to you for a wonderful chapter and a well-progressing story-

*raised glass of blood* ~Cheers!~
2/21/2005 c17 5seilann
Oi, Chippie has not been reviewing. Sorry! (Lack of internet for the last 2 months)

Well, Michael... is definitely the way-too-over-protective brother. But then, the majority of your male characters seem to be very over-protective of Dana. As sweet as it is, I would not be able to stand people fussing over me all the time like that. I'd go crazy and become a psycho murderer.

I feel guilty saying that, but it's true.

Good chapter. Sorry again for not reviewing. I really like Vlad now, too. But PLEASE - stop leaving me at these awful cliff-hangers!

Ja mata ne,

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