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2/20/2005 c17 Val
What did Minerva say to Michael! Is he gonna be mad? I hope not! he seems sweet but annoyingly stubborn... well, i kind of understand him but still! please write the end soon! pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls... I really love this story.
2/19/2005 c17 xoesotericox
this chapter was well done! i like how you added the whole family problem to the story. it was a nice add in.

michael..seems VERY overprotective.. i actually really want him to meet jamnis..although i found that i did like it when he was gone. *shifty eyes* is that bad? just try to keep all the mushy stuff to a small level.

haha it was hilarious when michael was all "*shock* is he your bf? no..it's THAT GUY! no..you're MARRIED! *SHOCK*" hahaha.. you still didn't get to the part when ariadne comes in..will we get to meet her soon?

I still wonder if the story will ever get back to its main plot again.. :0

Nathan and Scott need to die.. I hate them..and Jamnis..make him stop being such a Romeo. UGh.

heheheh :)
2/19/2005 c17 Kizera
O my, Mic suck's, he's mean, i wounder what he'll do know, and i hope nothing happen's, i hope jamnis comes back soon x_X, and i hope you like my new story, it's only a preview, and it suck's in grammer i bet XD, but hey i tryed :P, keep writing i want to know what she told Michale!
2/19/2005 c15 Val
Wow, that was a great chapter, poor her so many emotions in so little time, does she have any blood left? I know what u mean about ur dog nudging ur arm to get ur attention, its so cute, my dog does the same, but when I'm holding up a big mug full of hot chocolate, or something similar. :) Brave from u to have the patience to keep writting, don't give up! Ok, now I'm going back to chemistry h/w, reading the last 2 chapters will be my reward for finishing that annoyingly long lab write up. thanx :)
2/19/2005 c10 Val
Chapter 10, seemed like a good time to review. I love ur story so far, its great, I'm happy to still have many chapters to read. YAY! just keep writing, just keep writing, writing writing. what should..., sorry thats form Finding Nemo, well, nearly.
2/18/2005 c17 2Foxonfire
Love this chapter! Michael's kinda... he acts like a worried parent. -shudders- I think him meeting Jamnis would be "interesting". Update soon!
2/18/2005 c16 xoesotericox
that was really..long..

okay, for the most part, i thought that you were blabbing on with pointless conversations with each other. i mean, you dont have to go and tell them what you eat, when you sleep, etc every single time! at least have some time elapse!

the lovey dovey romance is getting all mushy to me now. make him save her or something! not, "i kissed him. he kissed my neck. oh..ahh." lol

i still wonder what you're getting at about the main plot. nothing's really happened yet! only a couple of rapes and arguments! get on with it!

sorry about this bad review. :/
2/18/2005 c17 16Lady MeiLin
I love michael! He's so adorable and lovable and so MICHAEL! I WANT HIM! Anywho, great so far, loved it like usual! Can't wait for you to update!

2/18/2005 c17 79Ashes.to.Acid
Aw... Michael's overprotective! I kinda like him, he kinda reminds me of Jagger sorta. ^^; As for being a twin... I wouldn't know how that is, what I end up getting is "Wow...you're Emily's half-sis!" or "Melody's younger sis? Are you gonna be a horse rider too?" It sucks.. _
2/18/2005 c17 Rae
Awesome chapter, you amaze me :0 lol omgosh! Michael knows about her! Minerva is an old bat that can't keep her mouth shut lol. And yes, I would go to Wawa for your food lol.
2/17/2005 c15 xoesotericox
this chapter is so damn long!

i actually like the ending of this chapter..this jamnis is really sweet..in the inside...and a bastard too. XD.
2/17/2005 c14 xoesotericox
jarvis needs to be slapped in the face. XD. the twin thing was weird.. we'll see how it comes up!
2/17/2005 c13 xoesotericox
twin eh?

2/17/2005 c12 xoesotericox
interesting background on the AB negative blood type. i have a feeling that something good is gonna happen!
2/17/2005 c11 xoesotericox
chapter was too short.

avery needs to die. stupid manipulative ass. i like jamnis! he's caring.
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