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8/2/2004 c9 Alynxkia
(Pull out frying pan)WHACK! (Watches Jamnis fall back down the stairs into Spikedmango's basement. Turns towards her fruity friend grinning sheepishly) He was trying to escape. (Pause to see if you bought it.) Really. (Knows that you see right through the lie.) Okay so I really just wanted to hit him. Sue me...on second thought, don't.
Okay, so she stayed awake and had to be knocked out pluss she has some exotic blood that only Jamnis seems to like but Jamnis, the jackass, still has a thing for his on again off again girlfriend. But Sirel seems to be over Jamnis seeing as she teased Dana about Jamnis. And a 'friend' of his named Avery either really likes to piss Jamnis off or likes Dana too. Or both. Plus Jamnis does strange side jobs for Eirene.
This is getting complicated and I love it. As always great chapter. I can't wait for Jammy to find his CD's. (Evil smile) Bye for now.
8/2/2004 c9 81TwystedFate
Eh, I expected it. :P
7/28/2004 c8 medieval-rogue
ok, i just HAD to get back to you for your PERFECT review! Thankyou! Really! I mean, i feel appreciated now...lol
I didn't know you like Inuyasha! I LOVE the show! ANYWAY... I am dreadfully sorry i was late in updating, TOTAL writers block...i think...that's the thing where you dont know what to write cuz you have no inspiration, right? yeah...yeah...well, Beyond that, i couldn't go on the internet one week, then i couldn't, then i didn't have my computer for two weeks, then i got it back and thought OH SHIT! I HAVE to finish Chapter 5! So, i would have these little lapses where i'd just sit and think for up to an hour, typing, then undoing, trying to figger out what write, and nothing really came too great for me until the fight scene in the end, and i even struggled with that...But fighting and romance, and emotions, are the best things i write, and according to you, it made up for my lateness. I decided to do a tiny cliffhnager type thing for suspense, so don't be mad...lol. I'm HOPING i can finish Chapter 6, as i already have it in my outline (i just had to figure stuff out for CHP 5) so it shouldn't take me any longer. If it does, though, it'll only be by a few dayts...i hope...I'm really busy though, so i'm pulling extra hard for nights to write it...
But once again, thanks SO MUCH! i think you're my best reviewer and most devoted reader, and its these things that keep my going and writing, a symbiotic relationship. And i love your story, its getting better and better each new chapter!
Love, Hugs, Kisses (or whatever...lol), and Blessed Be!
~Medieval Rogue~
7/28/2004 c8 16Lady MeiLin
Loved beyond all ways possible! Avery's back! YES! Is HE single?
7/27/2004 c8 6Medieval-Rogue
NO! it CAN'T be all!...hmph...Well, the story just gets better word by word, so update soon-FEED ME! lol...
7/27/2004 c7 Medieval-Rogue
!I LOVE this ending-its GREAT! she's AB negative! I'm thinking he's having...desires...and blood lust...for her...hehehe, or he will soon!
7/27/2004 c6 Medieval-Rogue
WO! Good ending! hehe, all guys are the same, and all us girls know how to get em! lol, i'm anxious for more, so update soon.
P.S. I didn't notice how long it took you to get this chapter up, i was grounded from my computer for a couple weeks (it seemed like forever!) so I still have to read chapters 7 and 8. Blessed Be!
7/27/2004 c8 81TwystedFate
Yes, but if they went to Red Lobster, they would SCARE THE BLOODY WAITERS BY MAKING STABBING GESTURES. *cough*spaz*cough*. Nice chapter. Update or die. Kthxbai. (omg that rhymed how cool am I ..)
7/26/2004 c8 2okenakab
XD~ This was another really well done chapter (well, DUH, that's all you ever do. perfectionist. XP) The argument was really heated...I was almost edging away from the computer myself...and I liked Dana's reactions throughout. XD~
7/26/2004 c8 1loveology
Interesting story. That's my first impression. I LIKE IT. My second. ^_~ Sidenote... I
7/26/2004 c8 7DemonSurfer
Rambo: Dont worry, it is.
D.S.: That is, unless he ticks me off again. Anywayz, Dana and Sirel get candy, and Jammy gets truth serum slipped into his drink! :3 have fun! G2g, Rock countdown is on! *runs downstairs & trips* O.x AH-thud-H-thud-H-thud-OW!
Rambo: Ha!
7/25/2004 c8 Alynxkia
Can I smack Jamnis upside the head with a frying pan? Please? Make up your mind dud. Like Dana or Sirel? Better not pick Sirel cause it looks like she's over you Jamnis.
Okay then. Love the chapter. Awe. He sat next to Dana.
Make up your mind Jamnis no baka.
Sigh. I have a lot of pent up anger at Jamnis righyt now.
Hm. Avery. Hm.
7/25/2004 c8 Rae
I am LITERALLY on the edge of my seat! What kind of work does Jamnis do? Hehe-update soon, it was good. Oh...and Avery..wonder why he came..muahaha..lol
7/24/2004 c7 Rae
This story is getting so good. I like the funny quirks of the story with the unstoppable'twisted female logic.' I'm also really excited about how your going to reveal why Dana has an exotic flavor...Hm..oh and does Jamnis love Sirel or Dana?
7/23/2004 c7 2okenakab
XD~ I love this story very much! Too bad I don't have AB negative...ahaha. XD Keep writing, I love how you organize Dana's thoughts!
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