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8/1/2007 c9 Mean titan
No, I was not expecting that.
8/1/2007 c1 Mean titan
Wait so who killed him?
7/31/2007 c1 10cherrypiesizzle
6/30/2007 c35 21Faith Adeline
I LOVED this story! lol, I just found the sequel on one of my fav authors fav story lists and was like, huh that sounds interesting! Come to find out theres a whole story before it! But, I loved it and will so be starting the sequel soon. Keep up the chamazing work!

4/22/2007 c35 toxic-noodle725
wow i can really tell that u grew as a better writer in this story. great job and great story!
4/13/2007 c35 1tanya2byour21
I love vampire stories and this one is one of the best I have read here so far. i got the link to this story from the Blood Ties Site and am so glad I checked out this story again I love it. You are a very talented witer. I am going to read the sequel soon.

4/6/2007 c15 Vampire's Desire
Wow... that was the best chapter of yours I've read so far!
4/6/2007 c10 Vampire's Desire
Avery's hot, and that was a VERY hot kiss, but I still prefer Jamnis. DON'T ask me why. *shrugs* Anyway, great chapter!
4/6/2007 c5 Vampire's Desire
I just LOVE your writing style, and this plot! Interesting, seeing how vampire are fitting in with society... and Dana's character seems very real.
12/4/2006 c1 1Nerdette
Does it really end here?
10/2/2006 c1 Lupine
This was a great first chapter. I relly liked it becuase it had action in its story line really fast.
9/26/2006 c35 1A.V.Mackie
Good lord...that was the best story I've ever read on FictionPress...seriously. I especially like the scene in the hospital after Scotts been shot my Michael, it just cracked me up:D. Well I've just spent the last two or three days reading your whole story and I'm amazed you haven't gotten it published yet, I would well by this as a book. All in all a brilliant story, I hope that one day I'll be able to write something half as good you have done here.
9/16/2006 c35 Sara
Well. I just finished reading this story in its entirety, and I’m very impressed. I stumbled upon it a couple nights ago when I was bored, miraculously had nothing pressing to do, and was in the mood to read a good vampire story. The good ones are sadly hard to find, but I am happy to say I have stumbled upon one of the best ones on this site that I have read. Your style of writing is amazingly developed, and it makes me wonder how long you have been doing this. You have a good handle on plot, character development, imagery, and, most of all, understanding of the human mind. Your characters are realistic, which I greatly appreciate. They are not flat, two-dimensional people with only a few emotions, but a wide spectrum of feelings that change throughout the story and set them apart from each other. You show each individual’s good sides and bad sides, because no one can be perfect. Your take on vampires is refreshing. They may be old, and may have fangs, but they still have very human characteristics. It’s interesting how they all seem to act the age at which they were turned, as if, when their bodies stopped changing, so too did their minds. They are all believable characters, and seem much more human than most vampire tales I’ve read (which seems fine by me, they all were human once anyway, right?). All of the smaller subplots blend in with the larger picture, and no loose ends are left at the end with everything flowing together, again giving the story very lifelike characteristics. You’re also very good at those cliffhangers, once more making the twists believable but not overwhelming like some other authors have done. The wide range of social issues addressed in this story left me floored; it is truly rare but wonderful to read something where the characters and society have all the same problems we do in real life, from relationship issues and family problems (vampiric AND human) to dealing with problems in the economic world, society with its discrimination and class status tendencies, and the clash of cultures both geographically and chronologically. Vampires coming out into the world would definitely force humans to change their ways, but vampires would also have to adjust their centuries or millennia of customs to the very fickle changing modern culture we humans have gotten ourselves into, and you’ve subtly but completely shown the problems that have arisen from this in every aspect of your story. Finally, the philosophy shown in your characters’ conversations, their actions and feelings, and how they all treat each other stood out to me. No one is completely evil, or completely good, there is no black and white “law of the land,” and no one has all of the answers, or even most of them. Everyone makes mistakes, and no one can see things the same way. You’ve mixed drama and tragedy with humor and compassion. Everything combined has made this story incredibly realistic, and that can only be because the author has such an understanding of people and how the world works. I can only say again, I’m impressed with this whole thing. It was a joy to read. You have a great talent in writing, I honestly cannot think of any problems I had while reading this, and I cannot wait to read more of your work. You kept things interesting in every chapter just as a good novel should, often to the point where I found it to be 3 or 4 in the morning because I continually felt drawn to the next chapter. I know everyone is busy now that school has started, but I hope this gives you some inspiration to update your sequel. I will definitely be following it. Thank you for writing this story, with a perspective on vampires blended with everyday life that I do not normally see. Keep up the great work!With respect,~Sara
9/4/2006 c35 36MoonLitDemon
I thoroughly enjoyed this bulk of a story. I loved the characters... though if I were a gal in your story, I would definitely have my way with Gavin. Ha. I always go for the bad boy.

I found very little plot inconsistency to complain about. The only thing I have to question is when, in one chapter or another, Ariadne mentions her child is a HER not a HIM.

But, meh, if that's all I have to complain about, you're certainly doing something right.

Loved it and I can't wait to breeze through the sequel.

7/25/2006 c26 dramaqueen89
i really think you should change the rating into M. uhmm.. please dont tell me mikey and nathan are going to do it.. its just not.. ugh... k fine.
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