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7/25/2006 c24 dramaqueen89
EWW! what the hell did that mean? is michael gay? no offense to gay people. but.. uhmm.. its just.. weird.
7/16/2006 c22 6Mali Steelwing
I really like this series. I did however notice one typo in this chapter. When they're talking about the party, Jamnis says, "The weather will be cold, but you won't be INSIDE, so you don't have to worry about staying warm." Thought you might want to change that.
5/27/2006 c35 1For What Its Worth
nice changes. in the characters, i mean. cool story
5/25/2006 c1 jennifer
you needed one more review to reach your 400 mark! so there you go!

p.s. i liked the story even though i stopped reading!
4/6/2006 c35 3Em Wolf
Ahh. Beautiful story. Even though I love Gavin and kind of wanted him to hook up with Dana, and even though Jamnis can be a bit of a pussy sometimes, I still loved it. Can't wait to read your sequel!
3/6/2006 c35 helena
wow! absolutaly amazing! is it finished? such a great story! yer your right, Dana with Avery would be weird *shudder* chapters were a brilliant length. and your writing got alot better as the chapters went on :D well it must of been good since iv just been sat at my laptop for erm...well lets say more than 7 hours. lots of late nights. now iv gotta go and find the sequal!yay!u sai jan and its now March so hopefully it should be out now :D god i hope so! this was such a good fic. Well Done:)

love Helena x
2/24/2006 c35 3Ullrina
Awsome, yo! ^_^ Sorry I haven't written for a long, long time but it's all good, right? o_O

Anyways, I like the new chappies. I like what they called the baby as well. Well, don't know what else to say so, see ya. *^-^V

Rae ^_^V
2/8/2006 c35 4NoLongerHereIMSORRY
bravo! i LOVED it! awesome story! great characters! can't wait to read the sequel! awesome work on the story!
1/25/2006 c35 mely
aww, what a sweet chapter. I absolutely adore the name Aiden.
1/13/2006 c35 2Gayle of Genisis
Bravo the perfect mix of fluffiness and drama. That was a wonderful end to a wonderful story, I'll look for your sequel.
1/13/2006 c35 7midnightdream-5
OMG seriously im like speechless this is ur best chapter EVER! im in love wiv the baby and can't wait to see wot the sequel has in store for all the characters. im so glad that dana and her sister finally bonded. aww ok so gavin is horrible to dana but i still like him coz he's a dad! lol aww... aww need i say more! lol :D katie x
1/12/2006 c35 Kim
Aww, that was nice. Hmm, I have to wonder what will happen now... and I cannot imagine her with Avery. Nope, sure can't. Anyway, this was great, and I know I'll be reading this again when I'm bored. Well, looking forward to what's next.
1/12/2006 c35 79Ashes.to.Acid
This was a WONDERFUL chapter! I can't wait for the sequel either! I hope you get ideas soon.. I have to laugh at the fact that Avery owned a mall though. Lol.
1/12/2006 c35 52Liviania
Baby! Aw...and the name is awesome. And everyone lived happily ever after, until the authoress realized the sequel needed a plot.

1/12/2006 c35 Rae
A good start and a good end. One of the best stories on fp.. I hope to read more soon...
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