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1/12/2006 c35 2Asterisk Black
O_O *hugs*

It was good, very good... My writing style is a lot different from yours, and some people like it while others don't... Your's is just good... Ok, so SAT's are coming up for you *pats on the back* poor you...

Keep on writing,

Jasmine ^_~
1/12/2006 c35 7MarshmellowParis
I'm so happy you updated! I love you! Ha. I'm glad it all turned out okay but I'm sure you'll be planning loads of things to go wrong for Dana in the sequel. =P This is my favourite story so far I've read on this website. I check back a lot to reread favourite parts or just go back to the beginning. Good luck in your SAT's. We don't have them in Britian we have GCSE's but I think they are practically the same thing. I'm sure you'll do great and I'll be checking my mail box for more. xD
1/12/2006 c35 2Jenniexb
It has been a great story. I really do hope you write a sequel. By the way, I think perhaps you may want to send this into a few possible publishers as well. Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with all of us. Until the next book, good luck on your SAT's best to you in all things.Jenniexb
1/12/2006 c35 6moonlight-dragon3
Wow great finish... glad to hear ure thinking a sequal! look forward to it#A great story loved it! :) fab amazing excellent! lol
1/12/2006 c35 81TwystedFate
Wow. It's over. It's beautiful, but I honestly can't believe it's over. :(

Can't wait for the sequel! I have my novelization of DASJSNS almost done, and you'll be in for a shock, I believe. ;)
1/12/2006 c35 28Devil N. Red
This story was an awesome read. I started reading and couldn't stop because I just had to know what was going to happen next. If you do write a sequel I'll be waiting anxiously for it to begin!
1/11/2006 c35 29darkmetalgoddess
It ended!(starts to cry)Yeah sequel! It was a great story and I can't wait for the next one.
1/11/2006 c35 6Medieval-Rogue
Holy crap, I still can’t get over that sex scene…it ran shivers all through my arms and legs…even the second time reading through it…Wow…I tell you- wow (quoting that awesome bat from the movie “Anastasia”).

Oh my god, this is the last review…I can’t remember what chapter I came in on this story…the numbers that stick in my head are 3 and 8…but I think it was later than that…hmm…

Ariadne and Dana coming to terms with one another was really good…I mean, really good. All thanks to Jamnis’ lecture to the mean mommy….take that bitch out of scene and Ariadne isn’t that bad, always pressured to be this preppy goody-goody… Which, by the way, I loved that you pointed out the psychological reason behind her grocery-girl career, about sticking herself in a situation where nothing had any control of her…it was quite logical, and true….and cool (I LOVED Jamnis telling her off like that)

OH! And that territorial thing…quite interesting to say the least…Gavin doesn’t seem like such a bad guy…when he’s not so much of a Vampire. Personally, I don’t see why he thinks he has a right being so possessive over Ari and then think he can hit on Dana as much as he does…except in his head they probably register as nearly the same person…

The BABY! I don’t like kids…but this isn’t a kid..it’s half vamp…fleeking heck YES! (yes, fleeking, a word my genius friend coined, combining ‘flip’ ‘frik’ and ‘freak’…plus it’s fun to say)

The story wrapped up nicely. It was pleasant and happy, and didn’t seem quite like an ‘end’ per se. It felt like…a beginning? Not to sound corny…but yeah, a place where a writer, especially a great one like you, WILL find extremely to branch a sequel from *uses Jedi-Mind tricks to force you to agree…then remembers…you already promised you’d make a sequel….Oh well…Jedi Powers are still fun…Wish I had ‘em*

If I could make an end theme song, I would belt one out….Oh yeah…maybe it’ll go something like …umm… yeah …I got nothing… But I LOVED this story…and I’m curious, since you placed it into the category of Manga, are you going to do the art yourself? Or are you just writing the story line, then meticulously stand over a commissioned artist, ready to tear off their fingers if they draw a character different than was in your head…? Heehee…both sound good!

*weeps a little* Your little story’s all growned up…

…Scarlet Syrup…that’s so awesome…

~~“LET’S GET DRUNK!” cheers, while standing on a table with Vlad, dancing and drinking immense amounts of Scarlet Syrup!~~
1/2/2006 c34 13Mystik Reflections
12/31/2005 c31 Erik-lover
past the point of no return no backward glances...LOL! That is so funny. Phantom of the opera
12/31/2005 c34 Kizera
Sorry I've made another chap but it's hard to upload since this labtop we have is my cousins so yea i will try to upload i am happy you like it though ^^
12/30/2005 c34 3Morbid Flatline
O! One more? Well... I guess I ca nwait. If there's only one more...T_T; But...a sequal is in teh future? Huzzah! w
12/29/2005 c13 1Charm Scales
AH-ha there he is!Cue!
12/29/2005 c9 Charm Scales
wait a second what happened to the guy who grabbeb her arm?... mememememe
12/28/2005 c34 81TwystedFate
"One more-ish chapter left!"

Ah(excessive h's)! What happened? You beat QPQ to a pulp, you did! And it won't have a sequel.
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