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12/27/2005 c34 52Liviania
Gavin needs a spa day?

I'm with Dana. That is one weird mental image.

12/27/2005 c34 7midnightdream-5
another gd chapter! cant wait 4 more! i feel so sorry 4 dana in parts bless her. im interested to find out wot happens at gavin's at christmas theres bound to be arguments and viloence! lol :D keep it up! katie x
12/27/2005 c34 7MarshmellowParis
This was amazing! It took me all night to read it but wow I loved it all and you need to write more and a sequal or my sanity will slip away...just joking oO but you do need to write more..
12/25/2005 c34 6Medieval-Rogue
Gavin's creepy, Jammy's hott, and I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THEY HAVE SEX!

Err...Jamnis and Dana...not Jamnis and Gavin O_O...I'd rather see some Jamnis-Avery action ^_^


This was a nice transition chapter, drawing to a close nicely after the death of anorexia-boy and his zombie, and of course last chapter's almost-sex scene was one of THE hottest things I've read in a LONG time...

I love Jamnis, he has developed so much with Dana. Ya know I just LOVE his pure... animalness...beast-like sexual nature with her. I'm glad he's kind of over the whole "Scott's Blood" thing...Dana and him going at it like they did last chapter must have helped ^_^

Yeah, I keep making references to the last chapter, mainly I think because that one was closer to the climax, and this one went very smoothly to help end the story (unfortunatley...grr! IT CANNOT END!)

The graveyard part was incredibly amusing...How it kept switching from Creepo having the upper-hand to Dana...yeah...and of course her little prison-stance when she fell off the tombstone...

Damn them dead people!

~Cheers over some Scarlet Syrup (Which, as incentive for you making a sequel, may take as the namebrand for the best synthetic blood!)~
12/24/2005 c34 2Gayle of Genisis
The final battle between Dana's family and Jamnis, I can't wait to see the fireworks.
12/24/2005 c34 Kim
Wow, I seriously don't like Gavin... such a bastard. Anyway, good chapter, I enjoyed it. And jeez her brother is such a hypocrite, heh, oh well. I'm kinda wishing I had magic now... boo... alright I'm done. Looking forward to the next chapter.
12/24/2005 c34 AubriannaKnight
I love when people post on holidays.. Thanks ;) Oh that Gavin gets me right down to the bones. I don't know how he can care for Ari and it on Dana... I'm so sad that this is almost over, but thank god you are planning a sequeal. Dana's powers are cool, and if Gavin doesn't leave her be soon I'm going to go nuts. Maybe Dana wouldn't have a prob visiting Ari if Gavin backed off. I think Jamnis should change Dana. I think Ari is a better person then she used to be and I pity her.
12/24/2005 c34 Rae
This was like an early Christmas present! Awesome chappie I liked how Dana used telekinesis on Gavin hehe.
12/23/2005 c34 79Ashes.to.Acid
You should do a sequel! Also, is it just me or is Gavin becoming more flirty towards Dana? That's definately not cool, I'm surprised Jamnis hasn't ripped out his throat yet.
12/14/2005 c33 7midnightdream-5
WOW! I LOVE it! and really cant wait 2 find out wot happens! tell me ari gives birth eventually! lol aww im a huge fan of Vlad's his so sweet! WRITE MORE! lol im sure it will be as gd as the rest, ur writin is way 2 addictive! lol katie x
12/13/2005 c33 2Foxonfire
wh00t! jamie has a sense of humor! yay! -cough- yeah... and... holly crap... gavin's father is... uh... i-forget-his-name-again! ah! the world is coming to an end!
12/10/2005 c33 3miss-blackhair
boy, that was such a thrilling read! nice stuff. jamnis is my fav character. =) update soon!
12/7/2005 c33 mely
I was so glad to click on your story to find it updated. But now I can't wait for the next chapter to see Gavin's reaction!
12/6/2005 c33 52Liviania
I thought it was a cute romance scene! Real couples fight...

Though the real humor came from the socks and barettes.

12/5/2005 c33 6moonlight-dragon3
Love love love love love! sat here for 2 days reading it! lucky i had no college work eh... lol amazing story love it hope u update soon.. though ive seen your comments and know i may have to wait lol
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