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12/27/2005 c4 FictionPressWriter
oh god oh god oh godive been fantisizing about me meeting prince william for a whileand with me being asian and grace being asian its so easy to pretend shes me =]]haha yess im sucha dork
8/18/2004 c4 Myrrh
i realy like your story, but you NEVER update, soon you're going to lose interest with some people, it would be GREATLY appreciated if you would please update soon
7/21/2004 c4 DancingButterfly
Yeah. cartoons and coco puffs my ass. but still great!
YOU better WRITE another ONE soon OR im GONNA beat YOU with A SHOVEL
7/16/2004 c1 16kaika switched
Sometimes introduction chapters feel slow, but it's usually the chapter to lay everything out. It was a good first chapter - I have no complaints. I'm glad it's not a high school story. There's too many of those on this site these days (not that I don't read and write my fair share). I will read more of this very, very soon. I'm putting it on my favs just so I don't forget. Keep writing!
7/14/2004 c4 Myrrh
hey...i love the story, but you never update! please do!
7/12/2004 c4 Fly-Away-to-Freedom
I absolutely adore Prince William, too! I was reading your responses to your reviews, and you're correct that Prince William is probable just some normal guy half the time. It seems to me that his security must've been sitting in the stands behind him, standing by a concession counter, or under some other disguise.
7/1/2004 c4 BECCA MWAWAWA
7/1/2004 c4 BECCA MWAWAWA
6/28/2004 c4 13Grace Hsia
Another excellent chapter. YAY! And yes, I'm Asian and proud of it! Asian power. WOOHOO! Oh wow. You're another person who agrees with me. Sean Biggerstaff IS SO HOT! Please don't think that I'm mentally deranged over guys though...although I may sound like it. Anyhows, can't give a long review because my grandparents are coming over for 3 CURSED WEEKS! So, I kind of have to clean the house along with my little sister. Damn. Anyhows, so the next review will be extraspecially long. Wish I could say more. And lol at the end of the chapter how you have Will watching cartoons and eating Coco Puffs cereal. I personally prefer Frosted Flakes...but those are just as good. And Cookie Crunch is SO good! And you know how Peyton was accidentally talking about herself while the phone was still on...well my best friend did that too...she was talking about this humongous crush she had on this guy right after she finished calling him...and well...he heard her gushings. Anyhows, UPDATE!
*Orient Fox*
6/28/2004 c4 vanburen
Even with a baseball and sunglasses, his hotness would shine through. You admitted this yourself when you said that photographers were taking pictures. If they didn't recognize him, they wouldn't be taking pictures. Nonetheless, I your story is progressing nicely. I really like Peyton, she's very down to earth & realistic.
6/28/2004 c4 1kelseypaige
Haha. I like Peyton. She's funny. And there are box seats in tennis... but it depends on where it's at- I guess. Maybe Wimbledon matches don't have it? ^_^ Uh, yes, I am a tennis fanatic too. What really ticks me off is when your opponent just doesn't know how to play, and hits without any sort of form... and can't serve. Haha... Andy Roddick serves like a million MPH. Wish I could do that, Lol... Anyway, I'm liking this- Will is so hot! HAha, good stuff, write more soon!
Happy writing!
~Fallen Fantasist
6/27/2004 c3 vanburen
I love your Grace character, she's really funny. I am also willing to suspend reality just for you and believe that they would meet Prince William without a entire squadron of security around him. Because this story is shaping up to be really excellent, I just really wanna see how this whole thing is gonna play out in the end. Because ok, lets say that that grace & will were actually gonna go long term-is she gonna give up med school? won't that cause resentment later on? ok, ok, i now i am overanalyzing! sorry. i really do like your story, please update!
6/27/2004 c3 kelseypaige
That is soo completely uttery ironic that she would meet him again. I mean, he's a stinking prince.. shouldn't he be under secerity and get, like, a box seat or something? -sigh- oh well, Lol... Is it just me? Or are Wimbledon games always rained out? I have never seen an entire game played before in my entire life- seriously. Sorry, I like this, write more soon!
Happy writing!
~Fallen Fantasist
6/27/2004 c2 kelseypaige
Ooh... LoL... Curse the stupid way too cute for their own good tote bags that are a million dollars but hurt like hell to wear. ^_^ whoa, that was a long long sentence, haha.
Will, eh? Oh... I'm interested. hee hee.
The whole 'i'm a sucker for Englsh accents' thing- ME TOO! Actually, I think everyone is. I mean, it's incredibly sexy, haha.
"Peyton stared at Grace as if she had just grown a third boob." I can so relate.
It's great. Haha, I love this- it's so cute! hope you update soon!
Happy writing!
~Fallen Fantasist
6/27/2004 c1 kelseypaige
Yes, Yes! A tennis fan, I'm loving it. And true, Andy Roddick is very hot. He's probably the reason I stick to this sport... other then the fact that cute guys always come to watch out games... haha. That gives me an idea... It's such a nice day, I should be out practicing my own serve.. and not drooling over Roddick's... Haha... i love this, it's interesting. ^_^ Looks like a bright future for you, happy writing!
~Fallen Fantasist
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