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5/31/2006 c1 12Ben Wuest
... where are you these days? It's been so long now, it's a wonder I haven't forgotten. You've probably forgotten. I miss the times when you would flame the flamers of my stories, so that I wouldn't lose faith in my writing abilities. Those were good times. I've had so many ups and downs since then, so much we could have talked about! But you're gone...

9/11/2004 c9 dino
Well, a good story so far. I want to see how this turns out, so start writing some more chapters! :)
8/9/2004 c9 19Wolf Queen Lover
Well done!
This left me chuckling and wanting more. Please, do keep adding to it, this is such a wonderful start.
8/2/2004 c1 Surfergirl
Neveah, this is wonderful! I am totally on your guys side now after seeing all of that racism in Lundi's bio! Well I'm gonna go surf some more and go play with my transformers toys! Great job!
7/29/2004 c1 3JonPon
Dont listen to those idiots, i think your writings are awesome. Keep up the awesomeness!
7/28/2004 c1 6MrFlames
Your first chapter blows. Much like my next essay! Jesus hates us all, yay!1!1
7/27/2004 c2 6Avsman 5000
Hey! Congrats! *High Five* We couldn't have done it without you! You'll be receiving your war medals in the mail any day now! Another great chapter too! You're really keeping me hooked!
7/27/2004 c1 4Haters VS Nuns
To Whom It May Concern:
Visit my Biography if you are participating or following this War on Fiction Press... *Just click on Haters VS Nuns that is underlined to the left*
7/24/2004 c1 6Avsman 5000
This has started out really well. Cool names, rich, deep, characters and plot. Very good. Oh yeah we changed the name of our Posse to "The Flying Nuns!"
7/23/2004 c8 7Lady Kaede
Wow cool sotry adn very original. Please write more I cna'twait to see what happens and please I beg of you tell me Keaira has a romance with Hawks oh please! lol
7/23/2004 c8 73An Inside Joke
I like Iluska's charecter. I hope she shows up more often later in the story.
7/23/2004 c7 An Inside Joke
Be careful not to make Keaira too perfect.
7/23/2004 c5 An Inside Joke
Needs a little proofreading. Have you by chance lead the Farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb? The story itself is very different, but the idea of bonded animals also comes up in the story, and while most everything else is different, I've never seen an idea quite like it anywhere else.
7/22/2004 c1 4SysheKieriLiandrin
Not bad. There were a few typos that you might want to fix, btu aside from that my only suggestion is to have a bit more of an introduction... show the characters and their relationships a bit before jumping right into the main action.
7/21/2004 c1 73An Inside Joke
The beginning seemed a tad bit rushed, but after the wraiths appeared, things were better. I'm curious about the details of the bonding between Iluska and Bianca.
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