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for Man in Her Life

6/26/2004 c1 manaox
Very Nostalgic.
6/22/2004 c1 Box 5 Lot 665
Lol! Okay, unlike your other readers, I had to cheat and ask for your confirmation on my assumptions about this "Paul" fella, and I'm glad you confirmed right! I love how the story turned out. 98% into the story, I was thinking that this was a short story on a young girl and her dependence on her father, but once the girl called the man "Paul", I was totally thrown off the track! I had to sit there for a really long time and re-read your work for a second time to make sure that I didn't misinterpret something or skipped a very important part, lol! But I love the meaning you tried to cross with this fiction piece. Though not a lot of action, history, or significant information was given, you seem to have told the story of the girl's life from the beginning to end. If that makes sense. It's a VERY sweet story, and very innocent, as well. I think any girl who's thought about, wished for, or experienced such a moment with a guy would appreciate reading this.
You know what? You should post more stories. I don't think FictionPress.com understands how awesome of a writer you really and truly are. :P
6/14/2004 c1 23Celeste
It's sweet. Touching little peice. The conversation rolls, and it's smooth. I like it. Keep writing.

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