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12/30/2009 c16 1Damned to heaven
Good story. You may just need to type up a sentence or so to show its finished.
7/23/2008 c16 Hazelnut Romance
nice story. is it complete?
4/5/2008 c1 1MZ PEACHESZZ
pretty juvenile writing yet still one of my faves. :)
1/6/2008 c16 3Angel of the Fallen
i love the story! i just wish you would update...four years is a long time...
9/3/2007 c16 SapphireEyes16
i luved this story but i think it could of been longer!
8/28/2007 c16 Diamandis
I loved that story. It was awesome, totally my type of story.

Sophie x
11/18/2006 c16 34Sweet Persephone
Woah. That was good!
11/18/2006 c15 Sweet Persephone
11/17/2006 c14 Sweet Persephone
Aww. How said, she said she didn't mean it. Sadness ensues.
11/17/2006 c12 Sweet Persephone
Fantastical! Yay!
11/17/2006 c7 Sweet Persephone
Priceless! What an evil girl lol
5/18/2006 c16 ne3na
i love you and your fics. the grammar might not be the best but the plot and the scenes make my heart want to flop out. you're a great writer with great ideas-thank god i landed at your page. haha. please keep on writing. an update soon wouldn't hurt. :D
3/28/2006 c15 cupcake545
it's cute but so plotless i could feel my brain dripping outta my ears
3/7/2006 c16 7awaitinglove
update soon now! God, i was so scared when they thought Kyvan was the father, im like 'oh hell no'. xD

Thank God!
2/12/2006 c16 annie
okay, i adore your story, and you need to update, just for me okay? you rock!
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