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for Triplets

6/30/2007 c8 angelicdust
aw...dt was sucha cute ch! luvd it!

d secret room n all dat.. its lyk such a cute fantsy land..

6/30/2007 c7 angelicdust
o gee! that sure was dramatic!

d part i luvd d best was wen teal hugs rosa...i literally elt a chill down mah spine... so dat shud be like a big compliment!

rock on gurl!
6/30/2007 c6 angelicdust
ok hey! ...

awesum chapter... bt d thng is... is lilac and rosa are 2 ov d triplets den wont they b llookin alike?

u knw... dey'd have noticed ryt?

dts weird.. unless dey are u knw triplets hu du not luk alike..

anoda thng.. ure repeating d thngs uve alrdy xplaind in elaboration..lyk d scrapbuks fa example...

cut short on dose..

and den..frm al d clothes ..i figure out u must b aroun 13... m not bad fa a 13 yr old at al..

rock on!
6/30/2007 c5 angelicdust
u knw... how ol r u ?

sound like a 13-14 yr old fa all i knw... nyc readin it... luv d stry!

i luvd a animal idea..
6/30/2007 c4 angelicdust
ok whoa! .. but is it like all three ov em liv in d same neighbourhood or sumtn?

nd wen chris and casey came in,..d conversation bcame a lil confusing.. took anoda readin...

bt odawise.. gee...

readin on..
6/30/2007 c3 angelicdust
wel, honestly if it weren't fa me wanting tu review every chapter(cuz i knw hw hard it its.. and hw much ov u each ch takes)...id swr i wudnt stop readin! sheesh!

d charachters are so real!

i luv d scrapbook ideas... i du dat fa al ma frnz!
6/30/2007 c2 angelicdust
omg! i lurv d way.. ur framing each charachter.. reference tu purple and pink is so ironic cuz me n mah bst frnd are pink and purpl addicts..and a lot lyk the charachttrs..

readin on...
6/30/2007 c1 angelicdust
hey! d first thng wen i read d sumary... it instantly caught mah attention... den d first ch added tu dat! one heckova lot.. cuz gee..m a lot lyk rosa... u knw .. d shoppin.. n d pink o-holic thngy?

luv it!
3/1/2005 c8 bleeding-rose1221
I enjoy the fact you use the smallest thing for an excuse. For example your boyfriend broke up with you for your best friend. Well that should have made you update sooner so you could go on and type more. Also I do hope you didn't tell your friend that you forgave her when it's obvious you haven't. Please spare us of all your whining stop mentioning your oh so interesting love problems.
2/27/2005 c8 17Mercutio's Heir
This is REALLY GOOD! I love the idea, LOVE the way you did the cousins and everything, and love the siblings...the scene where everyone discovered everything was so sad...*tear* and I like Aunt Patty! Meanie Chris...anyways! Update soon! What will happen now? GASP! UPDATE! Pretty please?
2/11/2005 c7 17pyro-chika611
It's an awesome story! It's slides very smoothly from one thing to another the only problem is that you haven't updated in forever!
6/25/2004 c4 lilleo
Hi, I like the story the only down side is it becomes a little repeptetive though im sure that will change soon? if you are doint POV's and they are all thinkingthe same thing maybe you could group it together as one. only an idea. also a name seperated forever? or sumthin. crap i know. keep up the good work!
6/14/2004 c1 11VolleyBCutiePie
Go on with the story! I like how your starting out the idea of introducing each girl into the story by having them say a little bit about themselves. Please e-mail me at once you go on! I would really like to read more!
p.s. Please R and R one of my poems or stories. Thanx!

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