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2/23/2007 c3 6Strider Hunter
What the hell! It's been a year since I've read Nightfall?

I regret not having more time to come back here and read the fantastic stories that I've come to know and love, your Nightfall series definitely being one of them, Willum. No matter how much time passes, readers will always return to a great story.

With that in mind, I like the way you structured this transitional chapter. Specifically, you carved out bits and pieces from Bill's past to give us an idea of how he's gotten to this point...as horrible as it must have been for Bill. I can see that the internal struggle Bill is having will play out most interestingly in this series, and I look forward to how you'll play this out.

My kudos to you, as usual.
8/27/2006 c15 Tragic1987
Another great chapter I just can't wait for this to be finished and for the epic nightfall to finally be finished.

I was also wondering how your sales for the book are going? As a "new" author myself I am hoping to eventually get my writing published and I am wondering how it feels to have a book published and how it is going with the sales. Drop me a line at
4/18/2006 c13 1Jynkers
I totally forgot about Dimitri! Of course, Bartholomew sends his bets soldier so soon. Worried, is he?

And somehow, Bill just 'popping' in won't be so easy. I mean, Bartholomew would sense him. And do something about it. He's the most powerful vampire that exists, why wouldn't he sense a halfling who is distantly related to him...

Which is another thing. Bartholomew is Bill's many-great's grandfather. And that is a disturbing thought.

Update when you can, okay? I have to know how they're going to get out of this.
2/22/2006 c2 6Strider Hunter
What the...you brought the blobby thing back? Or, at least an uglier cousin. Dear God, not that!And more Warriors, it seems too. Damn!

I don't know how you can make it look any less hopeless for Bill now. I had a feeling Nick was something more than human. His role will be critical in this series, no doubt. Good work with keeping this series fresh and fast-moving, Willum.
2/22/2006 c1 Strider Hunter
Holy $#%! Twenty years later?

I like the different takes people have on post-apocalyptic nightmares, and "Retroactive" certainly has my attention. Now we find that the old enemies not only triumphed after "Hunters," but have multiplied over the whole earth. That's just dandy.

It's great to find our singular hero still kicking @$$ and taking names, but happened to Roy? And the others? Did they survive? I'm sure you'll slowly reveal the answers to my questions.

Great work, excellent storytelling, Willum. Seriously, has any TV producer approached you yet about turning this into a series?
2/11/2006 c13 unclepauly
Congratulations on the book buddy, I'm really happy for you. Thats fantastic news! It may be difficult for me to get a copy (I'm from N.Ireland) but I will be buying one no matter what.

I've always imagined Nightfall as a graphic novel when I've read it, it would be cool to see that as well. I assume Ron is the name change?

As for this new chapter? That's one old friend that I was not expecting.
2/10/2006 c13 J. R. Killinger
Incredible again Bill. Although I am sad the story is coming to an end I cannot wait to read more. Also you can sure as hell bet that I wil be picking up that book. Just make sure to tell us when it's published.
12/22/2005 c12 unclepauly
I have absolutely no idea where this is going, which is great. Every new chapter throws something new our way and brings us ever closer to the end of Bill's journey.

Always great to read something new from you.
11/9/2005 c12 1Jynkers
Gah! Christine's gone human! Now how're they gonna kill that annoying excuse for a 'vampire lord'?

Or maybe she's not human? Bill fought and defeated his 'evil' half, and he's still a Halfling... Oh, update soon! Please?
11/5/2005 c12 J. R. Killinger
Incredible as always. The additions to the characters of Christine and Roy were unexpected (more Christine than Roy). Also I cannot wait to read more, and I will be waiting for the next chapter.
10/31/2005 c11 Jynkers
Either Roy is dead, or he's a Holy Vamp way early... Let's see how that plays out.

... and hope that poor Bill is tough enough to escape.
9/24/2005 c11 unclepauly
Can't believe there have been no reviews for this chapter.

Originally thought that the men in suits were holy vamps, perhaps because of the "air of authority"

Of course, with Roy being bitten...

Oh and it looks like Lady C is about to have her ass handed to her.
6/12/2005 c10 unclepauly
So sorry to hear about the magazine folding buddy, hugely disappointing. Hopefully the future holds better luck.

Reading chapter nine was more or less what inspired me to begin writing again. So, while its drip fed, each chapter from you is special. I think I actually appreciate them more because they are so rare.

Thanks for all your reviews and the advice you've doled out. Fell behind in my updates because of work but I'm now rewriting the latest chapter with your points in mind. I hate to admit it but your thoughts were correct.

This chapter has been a real teaser, once again Retroactive takes us back to the series' roots and delivers some kickass thrills and the promise of even more to come.

I don't even want to guess were this is going, but I'm sure its going to be spectacular.

Willum, good to see you telling a story again.
6/5/2005 c10 8SweetEvil
Hey Willum. This chapter's a little short, however, it seems to be setting things up for some major battles coming up so it's okay. I can't even begin to predict how anything is going to turn out but I feel like this is going to be a fantastic ending to the Nightfall series! As always, the writing is wonderful.
5/31/2005 c9 SweetEvil
Hey Willum! Every time I think the story ends, it changes and manages to become more exciting. Very slick. I still love Nightfall as much when I first started reading it.
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