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for College Can Be A Nightmare

1/20/2005 c3 Thatgirlmaya
I love this story very much! it's a great start. keep updating!
1/20/2005 c3 21tawnyfawn
Can't wait to read more! Hope you get the new chapter/s up and runnings soon. You learn the guitar? I just stared recently... Do you play accoustic (sp?), or electric?

Oh, and I just remembered something constructive I wanted to say about the last chapter. (Some thing constructive at last, yay! =P) After a word that you thought you misspelled, you left an author's note in brackets. Eg) (Is that right?) Anyway, it's better to not have any author's noted In your story, and to save them for, well, the author's noted. Not that I'm an expert or anyhting, just alittle but of advice! =P Anyway, great story.

from fawny
1/20/2005 c2 tawnyfawn
Although I think there were a couple of spelling mistakes, it was another great chapter. Oh my gawd! matt is so cool, what I wouldn't do for a brother like him! =D He wasawsome! =P Hehe, that would've been brilliant: a full-on fist fight at graduation. =P I can't wait to read more!

from fawny

PS. I've started writing my own chapter story, titles Boy Meets Girl, so if you'd like could you give me some tips? Pretty please? =D
1/20/2005 c1 tawnyfawn
No, the chapter wasn't too short. It wasn't too long, and it wasn't too short, it was the perfect length. =P Good first chapter, and it introduced the characters well. Ashley is so cool! =D I'd love to have hair like her, it sounds awsome. I didn't see any spelling or gramatical mistakes either, so all in all, it was a great first chapter. I can't wait to read more! =D

from fawny
7/12/2004 c2 2blueangel87
I'd love to have a brother like that! lol. Story's going great! I can't wait for you to update :D
7/12/2004 c2 4MisseSahib
very interesting,good story aside from the mistakes in spelling.. keep writing!
7/12/2004 c2 9Sariah H
Sweet, luved it, great. Hate pink! how in the world could you hate pink. (hint hint *SARCASM*) but yeah update soon toodles
7/10/2004 c2 5K. Lighter
I'm liking the direction this story is going. It's kind of hard for me to read, but it's not on your part. I'm not use to reading many stories on Fictionpress, just writing them. To answer your AN, when you replace a chapter, the reviews don't disappear. Trust me, I've done it millions of times!
I wonder what John thought about Ashley beating the shit out of the Barbie?Update soon please.
7/10/2004 c1 2blueangel87
Im loving it! Pls write more!:)
6/15/2004 c1 Drifting Rose Petal
i think i will like this story alot but it is a little short, update soon
6/15/2004 c1 Em
A bit short but you can make it up in the longer chapters. :) Add another chapter soon. I know I'm going to love this story

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