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for Prophecy of the Rea'dans

4/29/2004 c3 14biminator
i liked this very much. one thing. in the "final battle", you should probably have expanded that. I mean, this great and terrible king is gone in a few seconds. it just seemes a little squished there.
1/10/2001 c1 4Cerasi
Hey! I'm on the phone to you right now, so hi future Xilmin! I need to get off of the internet now so I'll see you tomorrow! Bu-bye!
1/5/2001 c1 7CasualWriter
An appropriate ending I must say. Although I am slightly disapointed that no further details were pursued when it came to background. Its a good adventure/fantasy story, but the details when it came to background, especially concerning character were kinda sketchy. In other words you just had to accept them as they were. So if you do plan on making a sequel, plz add in perhaps details about background in your original stories before heading to make a sequel.
1/5/2001 c1 CasualWriter
Interesting, lots of action taking place, thats good. Details are still there. Now you haven't really explained what happened after she met the king, seeing the whole prophecy on the rock and all.

So maybe you could kinda draw back to that, add a few missing details perhaps? Also sometime during the story, you will have to explain the origin of this whole battle/ war etc. Also explaining about Aurora and where she comes from. So just keep that in mind...:)

Great story!
1/5/2001 c1 CasualWriter
Good detail in the story. I know as an intro, you're leading into the "plot" and what Aurora is all about. I'm assuming that details about why this battle happened, brief excerpts of history will come later?

Its a great lead in. Keep it up!

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