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for At The House

4/20/2001 c1 Pippi
It's very simple, but very well written. It makes grandparents make sense. I wish my grandparents made sense, but we won't get into that one. Good job!
2/16/2001 c1 22sarirose
I loved it thank you for reviewing my poem Your a great writer I bet you hear that all the time anyways kepp on writting**~
2/13/2001 c1 50orriel
Very nice...it wasn't really the words that were in my mind, but the rhythm.
2/6/2001 c1 SharasKemet
That is a really great poem! It is so cool how you made the grandfather...oh, i loved it.
1/5/2001 c1 Darkling1
cool. . . odd, but cool, sad and sweet at the same time

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