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7/31/2005 c4 nothingyouneedtoknow
ohmygod why did you stop writing? Why? INFINITE QUESTION MARKS! This is hilarious, I laugh out loud. Please, please update!
7/15/2005 c4 minute-glass
LOL omg your story is awesome! :D it had me laughing numerous times ^_^ but the sad thing i noticed is that you haven't updated in a long long time... so PLEASE UPDATE ASAP. i really hope you're going to finish the story. :) well anyway, great job so far.
7/11/2005 c4 7MissesGrey
This is a really funny story.Lol i couldnt stop laughing when i was reading it.Will you be updating soon. Please say you will.Good on ya.
6/29/2005 c4 Gnat10886
Wait a second...I have to stop and breathe...I was laughing so hard. I don't know how the unrevised chapter was but hte bathroom scene was very amusing to say the least, not to mention the end where he found out her name hah. Can't wait to hear more. GO Zach!
6/29/2005 c3 Gnat10886
Delectibly hilarioius. I think Zach really is a stalker, yep I do. OR he is talkign to Natti for a bet,yep. Just my over active dramatic imagination going for your. It was amusing that the "popular" girls wanted to be her friend just because she was talking with Zach. So like them. To chaper four...Score! Ok that was a pathetic attempt at rhyme...sorry, again.

6/29/2005 c2 Gnat10886
Love Natti and Zach's banter. It is funny how he is dead set on being her friend and she wants nothing to do with him and he doesn't care. I'm interested in finding out why he does want to talk with her/hang out with her so much. She has an interesting home life too.And you got to love that quote by Al. Off to read chapter three...that rhymes, ick. Sorry...bye for now.

6/29/2005 c1 Gnat10886
Wow wish I was good at Math like that, hmm...the pink hair coudl be a plus too. I love Natti's comments (is that name short for anything?) they remind me of one of my friends. I'm going to go and check out the next chapter now! Yay me. Er you. Great job!

6/28/2005 c4 kizunachan
I love your story. In fact, I loved it so much I forced my friends to read it. Forced meaning threatening them with grevious boduily harm and then dragging them to the computer and making them reading it aloud if they didn;t do it on their own.

I love Natti. Actually, I think I'm probably a lot like her. No, don't run away... Come back here...or I'll burn your eyes out with my rubber chicken and a mirror! No, it's not working. *sigh* Let's try another approach. Come here, come on, I have pixie sticks. Don't you want pixie sticks? *grabs you and stuffs you in a bag. With airholes or course*

Okay, now that you're listening...I love your story oh-so-much. Can you eat stories? 'Cause I bet yours would taste good. Like...chicken. Just like everything else. Anyway, going to bow down and worship it so I have to leave.

Last thing: Update or...I strap you to a hair and make you watch soap operas! And C-Span, unless you enjoy either of the above. Then I make you watch the TV guide channel, Martha Stewart, the bad connection fizz stuff, or the a turned-off TV. Mwa ha ha ha ha. I short, update.
6/19/2005 c4 1cAnDYmoNStEr32
very interesting plot. . Update soon!
6/17/2005 c1 3Vaeleska

update soon yeh?

luv nattie yesh i do.



Ps. waves fork in air.
6/10/2005 c4 1Angel Street
Stumbled across this story via a friend's recommendation. I must say, quirky is the perfect word to describe it. Lol. But it is very amusing and I look forward to reading more.*ANGEL*
6/8/2005 c4 6Pandemonium Express
Haha, this story's so random, but it's funny. I love it. Natti thinks so differently from most main characters. A good change from the ordinary.
6/1/2005 c4 1thestonedfox
That was... well, interesting. You had me laughing the -whole- time.

I like Nattie- she's one hell of a character. Insane genius- brilliant! Blinky is cool too, although I don't know too many punk-rockers who get 100's on math exams. Maybe that's why he's so intriguing. Christopher- ooh, christopher. He's your typical step-dad, I guess. Her mom must have been as insane as Nattie, though, to not have put her in a mental assylum sooner. Momentary lapse of good judgement, I guess.

Anyhoo, on to my fave quotes from all the chapters so far.

"Though before you proceed any further, you should know that I'm a little quirky.

Okay, a lot quirky.

And a little extreme on the emotional spectrum. Okay, a lot extreme. And I like to make to-do lists occasionally. Okay, everyday. " - Lol. Good Intro.

"How are you supposed to rule the world if you can't talk to the dead once in a while?" - Super true, man.

"Complete dark. Soft whimpers. Me, bent over my desk. Then - a ring of fire erupted out of the blackness, encircling my dominion and putting my prone figure into sharp relief. Screams all around me. Terror contorting their mangled faces. They watched the fire burn wildly, licking at the legs of my desk. My back began to straighten. My limbs returning to life. Basking in sparks and flickering light, I rose from the flames.

"Come forth, my minions. Muwahaha ... !" " - Read: Screwball. Cool!

"Math is like blood. You need blood. If you don't have blood, you die. Or, math is like oxygen. You need oxygen. If you don't have oxygen, you suffocate, writhe a bit, and then die." - I don't really know too many people who think of math in that way...

"The forty minutes in which the school goes through its necessary filtering process. The gangstas pimping out in their Fubu bling-bling thingies in a corner, the "nerds" crowding around LaptopKid and his latest game, the well-liked ("popular", I believe the phrase is) people infesting three tables, calling people two feet away on their cellphones, the rest scattered randomly about." - Better than most descriptions of high school stereotypes. They're in high school, right? I forget.

""Yes (stab) my pretties. Do not (stab) attempt to escape your (stab) inevi(stab)table (stab) des- "" - I'll say it again: screwball. she is one hell of a girl.

"Nice to meet you Shoo-Shoo." - Did he seriously think that was her name? Lol.

"I smiled at him (he blinked back). "I drowned it in a bucket of kerosine and then deep-fried it with my lighter." I snapped off the jagged lid of my can with a rather ominous clink! "Quick. And almost painless." - There's something really creepy about that sentence..

"Instead, I sat there as he proceeded to test me on every genre until he was satisfied. Rap (no)? Hip hop (no)? Techno (no)? Pop (no)? Heavy metal (no)? Dance mixes (no)? Punk rock (no)? Country (no)? Classical (no)? Instrumental (no)? Strummy la-la-la guitarness (the hell? No, no, no, damn it)? " - Lol.

" Me: (to tomato soup) I will succeed. Mom: (to Christopher) She's doing fine, Chris. Christopher: (to Mom) How about I hear it from Natti, Helen. Christopher: (to me) Natti? Are you getting good grades? Me: Yes. Christopher: Good. Me: I need corn starch. Or a butter churner. Christopher: Uh ... what's that? Mom: There's some flour in the kitchen, honey. Christopher: Is ... ? Andrew + Mom: Don't ask. "- That had me laughing soo hard for the longest time!

"I raised my chin a little higher amidst the laughter. "I advise you to ask now, Shannon," I said, glaring pointedly at her friends, "because in a second you're all going to run away screaming bloody murder." " -She doesn't like people much, does she?

" "Hmm, let me think."

I put on my best thinking face, and then smiled widely and nodded.

"No." " - Lol. I tried that once.

"Hello, angry person's flower. Are you purple? Why, in fact, you are. I will take you now." - I actually liked the entire purple flower sequence, but I figured that would take up too much space. That had me lmao the whole time, though.

" Now, let's say some strange-looking, strange-smelling stranger taps you on the shoulder and says he needs fifty cents for the bus. "You're not going to use this for drugs, are you?" you ask, and he says the following:


You wouldn't believe him, now would you? No, you wouldn't (unless you would, in which case, you have some trust issues). " -I love the way she just rambles on and on and on...

" "Oh, yeah," I snorted. "You just want to 'talk'. Right, I'll talk with you. It's right up there on my to-do list, next to driving a compass into your forehead. Oh wait." I stroked my chin as if deep in thought. "No, that's something I actually want to do." " - She's a little too sadistic to be real, but I guess exaggerating her is sorta the fun thing about it, huh?

" "Well, the rule I thought up before you thought up that rule is that you can't make a rule that says the other person can't make a rule, and just now I made up a rule that says from now on, new rules have to be said out loud to count." " -It must have taken you a while to get that sentence out- it took me quite a while to fully get it. Lol.

""Natti, it's Dad - open up." Cue Vadar theme." - Not a big fan of her dad, then.

""Left here!"

Startled, he stopped mid-sentence, slammed his foot on the brakes with screech! of wheels skidding against pavement and jerked the steering wheel hastily. Then he made a crazy turn, narrowly missing the car waiting at the stop sign and almost tipping us over.

But the second all four of our wheels were zooming again on the road, I screamed, "No, back!"

ScreechToStop! Turn, turn, turn. JerkToStop!" - Actually, suicidal WOULD be the right word...

"Blinky ... did dear Christopher think Blinky wasmy gang buddy, or, worse, one of my friends? I mean,yes, he probably thought ill of him, for obvious reasons. The kid looks like drug-dealing happily-knifing heroin-junkiesmoothie experiment gone terribly wrong. " - I read this aloud to my sister and you know what she said? "i'm readin that after you." lol.

"Actually, I just walked even closer to the paper, caught in some sort of trance. I ended up with my face mashed against the bulletin board while my legs kept moving, my knees knocking repeatedly into the wall. Face - flattened - kneecaps - cracking- can't - stop - describing - symptoms - of - impossiblity -" - i guess being beatent he first time in 9 years does elicit some strange reactions..

"Bzzt. Target located. Shall I send in the units? Bzzt. Bzzt. All's clear. Take no prisoners. Bzzt. I charged in. I kel you!" -Nutter if i ever so one, i tell you.

"No, not a peace sign. There weren't two fingers, but three.My mouth fell open. "Step three. Find out subject's name." Curses. - Lol.

Dude, you have to update this. It's too hilarious to be left hanging ike this!

I'll review again next chapter- just make sure you make one! =)
5/25/2005 c1 precocious
DUDE, WHERE ARE YOU? You haven't updated in like.. a YEAR. or half a year. I dunno. Anyway, spit out a chapter soon! Blinky and Quirky have awesomest dynamics ever. :)
5/19/2005 c2 13morbidmel
haha.. I love you. No, seriously. You are so cool. If you plan to take over the world, may I be a minion? Please and thank you. -goes to read the next chappie-
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