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12/16/2004 c4 khaotiik
Haha. Priceless.

Christopher was in a gang? Weird, considering how uptight he is now. Unless he's lying to Natti to get his point across.

I want a Zach. Can I have him?
12/14/2004 c4 timeless
cool! wonderful story :D
12/12/2004 c4 6concordance

You updated! Truth be told, I read this the day you updated, but didn't get around to reviewing until now. Hah. Very nice chapter. Natti is a classic kid. Man. Blinky/Zach is great too. I love all your characters.

And yes, YES! I KNOW! Arrested Development on FOX on Sundays. I just happened to catch the last 3 minutes of it last Sunday by chance. For some bizarre reason I thought the season had ended over the summer...don't ask. -_- I'm an idiot.

Thanks for reminding me. I might have forgotten. And you're right. The humor and overall content is more mature for most people's liking. My mom and I love it, though. Hah. Isn't the family company's name Bleuth?

I need to become reoriented with this show.

Once again, awesome job, as usual. Sorry that this review was hardly helpful or pertinent. Heh.


12/11/2004 c4 hummer
Haha.. Holding a peace sign.. I can just see Blinky just standing there with a peace sign.. Hahha.. Anyway.. That was an awesome chapter! I'm so happy you updated!
12/10/2004 c4 Me
This is such a funny story. I kept laughing, epsecially at how she calls him 'Blinky'. She's so weird she's cool.
12/9/2004 c4 Charmgirl
hi! i loved the update! unfortunately i was not one of those lucky people who read the other version of the story...but i am sure that this version was excellent as well. you have a great writing style and i have to tell you that it was a good pick me up for the terrible week i was having. please update as soon as possible! =)
12/8/2004 c4 chaye710
OMG I totally love your story! Your character's so funny and RANDOM! Lol, Blinky's so cool! ^_^ UPDATE PLEASE before I DIIE!
12/8/2004 c1 1Greengurl
I am super happy you have added another chapter kepp up the good work. really i thought you died or somethhing maby you are running from the goverment or something. sorry about my rambling. ...Ivy
12/8/2004 c4 Christine
Yeah !Another chapter...After like a year!As you said... Christmas break is here... so you don't have any excuse to not be satifying your devoted Fictionpress fans!(hint ... hint... updated ASAP!)By the way... this chapter was not so bad... i thought it was quite funny!
12/8/2004 c4 30All the pretty faces
-gasps- I can't breath... Well I'm just in shock because this story is so awesome it's err this will sound cheesy but.. "it took my breath away" and made me hyperventailate. Right okay moving... you must update or I will find out where you live! I have connections with the FBI!
12/8/2004 c4 Danna
ooh, i love your story, it's absolutely hilarious! please update!
12/8/2004 c4 1Analytical Calico
I agree with you on the whole new FictionPress thing-it's seriously getting on my nerves. They took away 'so' many things! Grr... Right, um...anyways... I was so excited to see that this story had been updated! I love Natti and Zachary! This is one of the best stories that I have read on here for awhile! I hope you update soon! (Or after Christmas break like you said... I'll end this now.) Great story, can't wait for the next chapter!
12/8/2004 c4 11mycherrywolf
:D thi is really interesting. haha, it cracks me up! i've never read anything as unique as this before! i hoep to read more real soon!
12/8/2004 c4 LimeJuiceTub
Wow! Brilliant! Natti is way weird (in a good way)! Kind of semi-violent, anti-social and smart all in one. Keep up the great work!
12/7/2004 c4 2elze
It's been so long but you finally updated! I dunno but your story is really unique and different and you're like my idol! Your style is extremely hyper but also understandable, not like my story that kinda always jump from one place to another! I read your original story - before you revised it and I LOVE THEM BOTH! Blinky is so yummy! He is cute and serious at the same time! and NAtti- don't even get me started on her...she totally blows me away. Your writing style is hilarious and so melodramatic! i LOVE melodrama! all your ideas are original too and I like the fact that your protagonists are not dumb, shallow and conventional...

I hope you update sooner! This story is progressing along real nicely. I LOVE IT. need i say more?
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