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12/7/2004 c4 bluekiwi990
hello! that was wonderful! i love how she said 'i keel you' so much lolz its great btw this is neecoal924/ sucker4romance. this name goes with my new story. if you can please read and review it. you're story is my favorite on this whole site. please update soon. byee
12/7/2004 c4 13Aiis
Great story so far. It's hilarious, and I like Blinky's attitude with Natti. Please update soon.
12/7/2004 c4 silva starlite
mwahaha. evil wickedness. awesome job.
12/7/2004 c4 16Bananalogic
something bad needs to happen to christopher. have prince attack him or something equally creative. thanks for the update. luv hannah banana
12/7/2004 c4 13The UGLY American
interesting, update soon. (not zachary?)
12/7/2004 c4 4PassionObsession
Heehee! This is great! Keep it coming!
12/7/2004 c4 10Jaz108
Hello! I like this story! (as I said before)Its funny... natti is hilarius sometimes.. (often)... and whats his name (blinky) is funny aswell... I like the way you write and I agree with the suff you said about the Quick Editing thingy.. its irritating.. it messed up my formating aswell...


ps. would you care to read (and review) my stuff? please?
12/7/2004 c4 precocious
tis wunnerful. no idea whyyou think its crap. sorry. weird spacing prbolems. and spelling ones. and oh i hate college applications. hate hate hate HATE hate hate hate. :) but yes. i hate that, and i hate work. i hate essays. i hate stupid mock exams. so please update and allow me five minutes of escape. :) love the chapter. and the ending was priceless. as was her reaction. Zachary... i didn't think he'd be someone to use the word 'sweetie'. but, your call i guess. muchos perfecto. hahah yeah i'm not much for spanish. rightio. bye!
12/6/2004 c4 writtenreality
i love your story.. it's so original- or if it's not, i've never read one like it. Keep up the amazingly brilliant work! xox
12/6/2004 c4 9Iden's Garden
Hee hee! This story is great! It's so funny! I can't wait until you write more!
12/3/2004 c2 3still we trust
i absolutely love your story - i havent laughed this much in some time -natti sounds perfect! ahh - to be as quirky as her .. i cant wait for more :D ..

11/23/2004 c3 16Bananalogic
update soon, i wanna read this bathroom scene that keeps getting mentioned. natti rules. i actually know a supreme overlord dictator if you wanted any info on what thier duties are for after natti aquires that postion. luvhannah banana
10/7/2004 c3 10Jaz108
Natti is weird.. I like her!
10/7/2004 c1 Jaz108
So gfar so good... I like her.. shes funny.. Oh, and I aslo like math... they thought of bumping me ahead a year! (very interesting.. not)
9/9/2004 c3 steph
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