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1/12/2007 c2 5orain-luaidh
This story is pretty snapin' good.

You're good at writing.
7/4/2006 c6 1narcissenoire
I like this a lot so far, this story is very very good. It flows soo nicely and I never feel like any of the scenes are boring or drawn out, which is a little unusual for me. I'm very eager to see what the rewritten version is like!
8/2/2004 c5 6JC Peters
Yay, my friedn, yay! This is getting vedy vedy good. Can't wait for more. ^^
8/2/2004 c5 13The UGLY American
poor Alira. poor Elves. (wait, am I confusing this story w/ something else? I hope not) Alira doesn't seem all too. . . bright. neways, she's always been THERE so I s'pose that s'okay. Update Soon!
7/28/2004 c4 The UGLY American
7/3/2004 c4 6JC Peters
ya know...i just realized that you were on here..so i figured i'd come review. I've already told you everything on the forum, but i'll repeat myself...i really like this and cannot wait for more. ^^
7/2/2004 c4 1Jessie My Love
oh i liked this chapter very good i could understand everything..for once you didn't confuse me yea no evil laugh for you..well great chapter update soon...
Frost the wolf girl
had a very wolfish nose
SHe had paws and a tail
but a human head
which is why we all but her knows...he he he my theme song
6/23/2004 c3 Jessie My Love
this was a very good chapter yet i do have to admit it was kind of confusing at some points. Just because you are describing things well doesn't neccissarily make everything clear. You have to let the reader know what is going on, because you may know what is going on but i don't. So you shoudl work on that oh and put spaces between everything it just makes it a whole lot easier to read..ya know like the format in my story yea that kind of format. Well great chapter keep it up. Well B~bye
6/17/2004 c2 Jessie My Love
The first chapter was off to a very good start but at the second chapter it started to get confusing just when you switched over to Alira but the rest of the chapter was very good. I cannot beleive that this story does not have any reviews...well i am the first reviewer but still this is a very good fic and it deserves more reviews. I don't see much you can wrok on in your fics other then make things clearer. its not that you are not a very discriptive wrtier it is just that well...you may know what you are taking about in the fic but that doesn't mean that the reader knows what it is. So you have to read over your chapter and make sure that it is understandable in the readers point of view. Do you get what i am saying...well very good chapter you have a lot of talent i can't wait to read more from you update soon Well B~bye
P.S can you do me a favor and read my ficcy pretty please?

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