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10/15/2010 c9 ghurl00
Tim is adorable. That is all.:)
7/2/2010 c9 arcafrigorifica.blogspot.com
men i love your stories...they are so cute...why it must end? sign*

really like your style.

thanks for sharing

hope you decide to do more

bye ^^
4/6/2010 c9 1Damned to heaven
I love the banter with the audience. Beautiful.
3/15/2010 c9 1weeeangie
that is so adorable.
8/6/2008 c8 8InsaneOleander
Ahh, I just read this story again and remembered how much I love it!

It's seriously so sweet and cute, and Tim is so incredibly lovable.

I'm always a bit surprised when it ends because it goes by so quickly and I get pretty lost in it :)

The ending is so simple but it works perfectly. great job again, and looking forward to updates on the alexis/jeff story!
6/20/2007 c9 sweetz123
I think I just melted (just a little bit) from that. That story was beautifull, the writing was fantastic and flowed smoothly. The only thing wrong (which wasnt even a big deal) was when you'd mix up the names of some characters. Awesome story, awesome work. Love you much
5/27/2007 c9 imaginedinsanity
AH!(was my general reaction after reading the last chapter)

Omigod, i love this story.
5/15/2007 c9 28Erisah Mae
This was so sweet. Grungy and rock-hard, but still citrus sweet under all of the grit. Beautiful.

2/11/2007 c9 21PsychoLady
Excuse me for my girlish tendencies, and excuse me again while I scream like a girl. I love Tim ! sorry...ahem. I thoroughly enjoyed your story. ahem.
2/11/2007 c3 PsychoLady
I squealed girlishly because of Tim and my brother from the other room went "What the hell was that?" Obviously I'm loving Tim already. What can say, I'm a sucker for angsty guys.
2/4/2007 c9 nailul
GOD! u r one hell of a writer u noe tt. damn! wish i could write like tt aniwae as u've probably guessed i think ur story is freakin excellent n everyone else should too, and wen i say things like this i neva exagerrate. gd luck in the world of writin, success to u
4/1/2006 c9 3Avide
I have something very simple to tell you:

I'm a big fan of this story. I love it. And I'm a fan of everything you've written thus far.

3/30/2006 c6 7Sunne
Unbelievable! I had a hunch when Riana went into the venue that Tim would be playing. Then when there was the piano at the start, I was certain. Oh jeez, Jeff is gonna kill him. Oh man, I love this other side of Tim we're seeing. Excellent character development there.

3/30/2006 c3 Sunne
That last scene was perfect. I like how you gave the reader a hint into the real Tim. The Tim that doesn't hide behind comic relief. That's what I mean when I say seeing a character from a different character's POV will bring depth and deeper understanding to him or her. Wonderfully written though and I'm hooked just like I was with Not Irish.

3/30/2006 c2 Sunne
The character of Riana is very interesting, I see a lot of myself in her. I really like this sequel to Not Irish especially how you added a new character (Riana) and are telling it from her POV. It adds a different angle into their world and also you get to see the characters you've grown fond of in Not Irish seen from someone else's eyes and it gives them more depth. Excellent job so far!

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