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for The Discomfort of Love

10/17/2014 c1 5Ishotthealbatross
This was pretty funny. John is clearly super neurotic.
9/5/2005 c1 6Renzie
XD HAHAHAHAHA. This story is WONDERFUL. I can't believe it doesn't have more reviews! I loved how John was having this internal battle of 'Why does it have to be THAT arm?' Also, the end leaves you with a big great smile. :)

3 Great job! Your writing is fantastic!
7/19/2004 c1 1JD Kennedy
Very good, the character John would rather loose his arm than shove his girlfriend off his arm! Very funny indeed. Loved this metaphor:
"With all the grace of a worm on cement after a rainstorm,"
As you (probaly) know I'm a fan of metaphor and it was great to see a writer use one, I don't see a lot of that, but it could just be me being too lazy too look. Sorry for not reviewing more of your stuff sooner, but my pc is busted and I seldom get internet access. Anyway this is a nice little story - more of an anecdote to what can be a larger story but good nonetheless.
~ JD
7/14/2004 c1 28Tk.T
Hilarious. Very funny. It covered a topic I never thought about before. I didn't think it hurt when girls slept on the guy's arm...how strange.
Happy writing!
6/19/2004 c1 p-esc
Okay...that was a very weird story, with an exceptionally odd ending...I liked it though! Great job, keep writing!
6/19/2004 c1 Ena
Hahahahaha! That made my day! That was so funny!
6/19/2004 c1 219S Noelle Long
This is really cute. I honestly couldn't find anything to criticize about it. You've got a good vocabulary, you know how to use commas and punctuation, you can spell, lol. This was just lovely. Great job.
6/19/2004 c1 Jave Harron
Pretty darn funny! Keep this up. You're quite good at twists at the end.

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