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3/7/2005 c3 10mute-demon81
I love gingerbread men, their creators had a very sadistic streak ^_^
3/3/2005 c3 37Lilyoftheflames
O_O WOAH! Man you really changed this one up! I like this version though! And who wrote the message? WHAT HAPPENED TO SCARLETT? Man so many questions hehe! I hope you update soon! ~lilyoftheflames
11/28/2004 c2 Lilyoftheflames
Hm...that was different than the first time. You made Yugi older huh? Anywayz I still like it! Update soon! I'll be waiting!~lilyoftheflames
11/26/2004 c2 Granite Claws
0.0 Eep! EEP! Action picking up already? v.v I could never write like this...
11/26/2004 c1 Granite Claws
o.0 I never read the original so... ^^ I think this is good anyway! I'm just going to guess now that Zvian was the guy who burnt up Jerico. I know I'm wrong tho...only read the first chapter... @...=
11/25/2004 c2 10mute-demon81
Woot! New review of doom! o.o mysterious blue eyed man of doom? dundundun! Its been quite a while since you've updated! Glad to see you're alive, and that your stories were alive as well!
9/30/2004 c2 29Granite Claws
...August 7? Dude, its September 29!
Oh well, experiencing delays, I presume?
8/29/2004 c1 10mute-demon81
Evil, flaming, and...tea...I like Zvian, all for those reasons! I also like, how Scarlett is just somewhat there for the ride. I'm also glad you didn't let her drown in self pity to become a fat grumpy housewife! Keep writing ^.^
7/13/2004 c1 Babbit Agin
Hey! R u gonna make mor of this storie?
7/5/2004 c1 Babbit
Please right more storey! Its very good!1, and I wuld relly like to reed more about Scarlett, she seems enteresting!11
6/21/2004 c1 Johnny
This is quite an interesting start, alot different from the other version of this story. I believe it makes it possible to become more attatached to the characters because there is more interaction! Keep up the good work!
6/19/2004 c1 37Lilyoftheflames
WOO HOO! You revised! Not that the other one was bad though! I can't say wether it's better or worse b/c it's a totally different way of starting! But I did like this beginning! Keep it up and update really soon! I'll be waiting! ~ko

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