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for Talking to Myself

7/26/2004 c1 79deepdown
this is more like artistic prose than poetry, but not that thats a bad thing. i cant really like or dislike this, not because of how its written, because it is written well, but because it is just... i dont know, too personal, the emotions too refined and rambled for me to relate to. sorry if you take this offensively.
6/20/2004 c1 5ph-pheonixgirl
omg! i loved that poem! that was really great.
6/19/2004 c1 156Sanction90
The past is the past. I have learned to let go of things that hurt me and move on to things that heal. This poem was great! I loved the easy flow of the words, as if they were once said or written in a diary. You have great talent and keep writing!
6/19/2004 c1 WarriorHeart
Great emotion.
6/19/2004 c1 Unknowable
The theme is good, and some of the lines are great, truly: but the potential gets totally lost to length. "Less is more" and all, you know? Edit, discriminate, truncate... But it could be great without the extraneous stuff.
6/19/2004 c1 3Sillygoose49
Incredible. This is a great poem. Very sweet, and heartfelt.
P.S.: check out some of my work, please!

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