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for Tell Me It's Not True

6/15/2005 c1 Shaina
yay people like my name :) they really do :) lmao my name is shaina. Im gonna read this woh :)
10/7/2004 c4 90poetic abortion
I love your stories ! Your an awesome writer ! This is really cool ! And thanks for the reviews !
~ CBTD ~
7/6/2004 c4 16kaika switched
So now what? I'm confused with the whole 'Confidence' chapter, but I hope you'll be adding more soon. I want to know what happens now that I have all the background. Keep writing!
6/20/2004 c3 38jaganshi-kyou
3 chapters in one day! I LOVE YOU! lol. the story's great! Lata!
6/20/2004 c3 6Adders721
Aw...Poor Shaina! Maybe you shoudl bring Ian back into the picture? I can't believe the Brent had the nerve to say what he said. I can't believe Brie either, she figured that Shaina would never know, what diff does that make! Anyways please update soon! I love how quickly you update! LOL
6/20/2004 c2 38jaganshi-kyou
i like it and am looking forward to more. see ya next chapter! ~_^;
6/20/2004 c2 6Adders721
So is she gonna like go through past relationships then go onto talk about what Brie did with her Boyfriend? I really wanna see what happens then. Update soon please!
6/20/2004 c1 Adders721
I like the story! I can't wait till the next Chapter! Please update soon!

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