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for Here, Inside My Mind

7/19/2004 c1 19Phelan Kell
This alsmost made me smile it was so dark... of course, you couldn't see it because of the giant shadow created by this poem. I love it nontheless! Now I have to go get a flashlight...
6/26/2004 c1 13hauntingtheliving
. get outta meh mind. Kidding. But its awesome \m/. keep up the awesome work
6/21/2004 c1 81daphnegray78
Wow. Great use of imagery...very vivid and powerful. I love the last line. It just wraps up the poem wonderfully and gives it this edge. Awesome, awesome work.
6/21/2004 c1 simpleplan13
WOw.. I liek the repition and I LOVE that last line.. great job
6/20/2004 c1 Brandy Bear
this is really good it is diffrent from what you normally write but it is very good

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