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7/3/2006 c16 6Medieval-Rogue
Hmm...I do like this story. There are many parts to it that are spectacular; emotions, a lot of imagery...but somehting doesn't feel right. It doesn't flow, or at least, as a reader, sometimes I'm confused. A little editing and this story, I think, and it could be a very good, angsty work! Heheheh...

5/25/2005 c16 17Murder245

5/16/2005 c1 46AngelaSolis
I'm sure I haven't reviewed this story yet so, yeah promising start! Am sure I'll read more!
4/22/2005 c16 3spikedmango
YOU KILLED JOANNA! *runs around in circles* Grr. And who did dress her, huh? Don't make me wait six months to find out either. I know where you live. *shifty eyes* Then again, you know where ~I~ live too. Nice chapter. Looking forward to the next one. Which will come out soon.
4/8/2005 c15 Jaoanna
Could you hurry up and write the next chapter please? The suspense is killing ;) (x the'real' Joanna)
4/1/2005 c1 6Medieval-Rogue
Hey! I finally found your story! Ever since you reviewed my story and mentioned you had a vamp one of your own, I've been looking for it. PEEK A BOO- I see you! lol...anyway...

I like this chapter, it's nice for a beginning, so I'm definatly gonna keep reading!
3/17/2005 c14 2TwinGrapeJellies
meep. goodness...i liked the reporters feud back a few chaps. but i like! keep writing.
12/2/2004 c14 3spikedmango
I think I either had a *~!~!~!~MAGIC PSYCHIC VISION~!~!~!~* or I've read this before. Ah well, either way, it was good. Hopefully you'll update again, SOON (hinthint)
9/22/2004 c10 Alynxkia
Hi. Sorry long time no review. I simply have not been reading much. Focusing on college and my own stuff. Don't want you to think I abandoned your story though. Filler chapters are nothing to be ashammed of. Most of my story IS filler. I loved the argument between the reporters and the bit about monkey's. It's late or I would read and write more but this will have to do. Bye for now.
8/23/2004 c13 spikedmango
i still don't get the refrigerator head insult. i don't think i ever will. no one will ever be able to prove to me that that's an insult to be taken seriously and not LAUGHED AT! *cackle* if someone called me a refrigerator head the argument would end instantly, because i'd collapse into laughter. much like i'm doing now. :) liked the leslie development... it's so weird to see gabey as a father o_O but i suppose he had to have a soft side. good work, update soon
8/22/2004 c12 spikedmango
why won't the ugly ugly van go away? o_O *cough* anyway... yay! i got to read this before it came out! ^_^ you had better explain things soon, missy... ;)
8/19/2004 c11 spikedmango
hehe, so i stopped by to check out the chapter ^_^ very amusing... but i'm getting tired now ... o_O ... *falls out of chair* aei, right, wonderful chapter, update soon
8/3/2004 c10 spikedmango
you know, that thing with the news is absolutely hilarious. just coming in at the last line can be so confusing, but your 'last line' was hilarious. AND WHY DOES THE NAME ROGER MATTHIAS SOUND FAMILIAR? I DEMAND YOU TELL ME WHO ROGER MATTHIAS IS! *cough* hehe anyway looking forward to the next and LONGER chapter ;)
8/2/2004 c10 7Rose of the Dawn
Hey! I love this story! Vampire stories are so cool *squeals*.
You know, it was wierd cause I started to notice some the song lirics, and then started to sing them. Ironic how they got stuck in my head till I read to (filler) ;) chapter 10. And then they *whoosh* mysteriously dissapeared! You better update soon so I can get those songs stuck in my head again. lol, jk, but not about the updating part. That is one thing you absolutely need to do, or I will DIE.
7/30/2004 c9 2TwinGrapeJellies
ok. i love reading and so far form what you have written this is a great story. KEEP IT UP. Or else..ya kno i could send some killer things...that do things to kill you? yeh...mmkay. now im leavinh but ill be watching u...*evil laugh* ok. goodbye. LOL. dont ask.
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