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7/29/2004 c9 vampiregoddessblood
keep writing ^_-
but make it longer
this one was too short...
7/28/2004 c9 Alynxkia
Oh. That's how they met. Been wondering. Damn the glamours. But they come in so handy. !
I shall wait with Damien for the bloodbath you promised. (Really evil glare from Bob) I'm really enjoying this.
7/28/2004 c8 Alynxkia
I HAVE A COOKIE! Lots of love to the cookie giver. I'm likeing Damien. I think I'll have to go read some of your other stories if he's in them. (Recieves evil glare from Bob.) (Gives knowing look to Patricia) 'Men.'
7/28/2004 c7 Alynxkia
You dare to 'blah' me? How dare you!
Just messing. So Gabriel is a jackass. Back off buddy.
I don't give a damn about my bad reputation. (love that song)
7/28/2004 c6 Alynxkia
I'M BACK! Sorry it took so long but don't you worry. I'll review every chapter I missed. So Joanna and Jolene have a history. Hm.
Well off to the next one. I think someone typed that it was time for dinner. (Evil smile)
7/28/2004 c9 3spikedmango
AGH! cindy and ray wouldn't let me concentrate on your story... so now i associate this chapter with provacative sketcher's commercials. *cough* anyway, moving on. you've succumbed to what i like to call FHS (fainting heroine syndrome) but don't worry, FHS claims all of us at one point or another. some things are just eaiser while someone's unconcious. did they keep her in the office-thing for a day and a half? why not take her back to her room? (because then fabian and zeke wouldn't be there to talk to her, i know) gabriel has amazing knock-out vision! omg! *covers eyes* YAY WAL-MART! *reads on* HOW THE HECK DOES HE KNOW ABOUT HER DAD? STALKER! yay garden center! wtf! it's not "kinda long"! that's not fair, withholding information! people get sued for that you know... :( i don't like cliffhangers, still, great chapter. UPDATE SOON PLEASE!
7/27/2004 c8 spikedmango
you know... there was a time when you would say, "manga is stupid! why do you read it so much?" and now...
7/26/2004 c6 2cillian4
I love this story!ER could I get you to look at my new story "Sisterhood" let me know what you think.
7/23/2004 c7 jenn
how far are you going on to this story? FABIO not Fabian! How many times do I have to say this! FABIO! F-A-B-I-O! Gosh, and you're in gifted too! JK! XP
7/23/2004 c1 jenn
i have heard of this "vampire" story. I hate vampires. Jolene eats Fabio. HAHA! Gabe dies of choking on his vomit. YAY! XD
7/22/2004 c7 bellakawashima
write more...
7/22/2004 c7 3spikedmango
wow, imaginary looks so different when it's written down. weird. anyway.. yay gabe! hey wait. when did i become a gabe fangirl? gabe scares me! AHH! my brain is confusing me again! AGH! he called her angel! that's scary and cool at the same time! *can't figure out whether to worship or be scared of the vampire gabriel* yay zeke! aw zeke got hit. *pout* agh! wtf is gabe planning for jolene? (are my reviews more interesting since i figured out to write them as i read?) hahah yay joanna. anyone contradicting gabe is good in my opinion. you used bemused wrong. sorry. i figured that out and i felt stupid for using it in place of "amused" all these years... it really means "confused" but it shouldn't. anyway. YAY VAMPIRE GUILD! that's cool. i want to go! *finds jamnis* can i go if i bring him? on second thought i better bring avery, he's not mad at me for anything.. yet. *coughs* ah! fabian better help her *pointed stare* do not kill jolene, do you understand me? anyway. YAY DETAIL! YAY LONG CHAPTER! all your chapters should have detail and long..ness... *blink* okay well good chapter and i look forward to the next one. ;)
7/21/2004 c6 bellakawashima
great story
i'm interested
write more, and i will give you a good cookie
if not, you get a bad cookie.
7/21/2004 c6 spikedmango
gabriel scares me. *whimper* i was going to call him gabe but that just doesn't seem to fit (yes i'm fully aware that he only had like 3 lines) and so i align myself with joanna! *bugle* anyway. this was a short chapter but a good one, update soon! (and don't be afraid of making it longer *pointed look*) ;)
7/20/2004 c5 Alynxkia
Partner in sarcasm huh. I feel SO special. Haha. This one made me sad. Both so tired of being alone. Sigh. Fabian can help me out anytime. Sorry for the short review but I gotta go.
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