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7/20/2004 c5 3spikedmango
yay zeke! i like zeke! *immediately starts a zeke fanclub and crowns herself president* but poor fabian. he's sad *tear* but he ran into a pillar! *cackles* i was laughing so hard at that! and i love zeke! (stops with that now) i liked the line about jolene and fabian crying together tho, that was a good line. but WHY does fabian have a key to her room? that's scary! next time i stay in a hotel i'll make sure to put a chair in front of my door or something. jolene should go get a massage, or some other treament, tho. no i had one more thing to say! but it's gone! agh! oh! loved the jf (jolene-fabian) action! more of that soon i hope. write more soon!
7/19/2004 c4 Alynxkia
Hey. Nice one. This adds so much more to Jolene's character and I wanna smack her dad. "The good sheet" dear lord. Sounds like she has issues but at the same time is dealing with them. Update. NOW.
7/19/2004 c4 spikedmango
i like how you put the song lyrics in there, tho i'm sorry they didn't go italic. i loved how he said "the good sheets" like he was all upset about them getting dirty, that just makes him all the more evil. it's about time you updated. *pointed look* i really like jolene (this time i'm actually talking about the character, not referring to the entire story) and this chapter gave her a lot more depth. ;) update SOON. like within the next nine days.
7/11/2004 c3 Alynxkia
Go Jolene! Get Fabian. Grace obvously undervalues a good vampire. Greasy? Never! UPDATE.
7/11/2004 c2 Alynxkia
Whoa. Fabian know that Jolene is a vamp? Is he waiting for her to strike or somehting so he or his friends can get a story? Damn the suspence. So glad you already updated. Onward.
7/11/2004 c1 Alynxkia
Cool. Gotta love the vamp stories. You don't have to work some one named Grace in if you don't want to. I like the title. The practicle ponytail is the way to go. Lord knows that's what's what mine is in ever dang day. Sigh. Yes. Hotels are good places for vamps to feed. Now that I've said that I won't be travelling much anymore. (Looks around making sure room is safe.) Next chapter hear I come.
6/24/2004 c3 spikedmango
whe! i like grace, and evangaline is just so funny. mwahaha can't wait for her fate there, huh? ;) hehe but you have to make your chapters longer, i decree it. haha oh wait. i forget what i was going to say hmm. oh yeh, action action action! let's have some blood son ahha or at least more jolene. ;)
6/22/2004 c2 spikedmango
OMG! you stole the line that i stole from you! how dare you steal stolen property! *pouts* *finishes pouting* ok, so, much love to fabian! showing that not all hotel employees are incredibly stupid! yay! and the boys at the paper, eh, much love to them too.
6/21/2004 c1 Kiera Namir
Sounds okay so for, but you might want to make the chapters a little longer and put spaces between paragraphs so it doesn't look so crammed. It'll be easier to read.
6/21/2004 c1 spikedmango
yay jolene! am i the first person to review? oh i am! (unless someone else does before i finish this) jolene is cool, i want to hear more about her, and you had better not leave this off at the second chapter or something! i want to see who jolene - er - meets up with. ;) preferably SOON! later days (gah i can't believe i just said that) i love the resort btw i don't know why it's just really cool.
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