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7/1/2004 c5 vintagewhitegloves
Lol, i swear you crack me up! ah, this chappie was SO great, i absolutely love how you have like...a flashback-y kinda thing, and then like modern day, getting him back thing... right, we're gonna pretend that made sense so i dont look stupid =0) Haha, well... i really dont think i have anything else to say except AMAZING and you better update soon woman, because i will come at you with my puppy... and she's vicious... grr... well, not really, but she'll lick you...a lot... hmph.
6/30/2004 c4 2Escaflowne
Great story so far. I'm intrigued as to what Chase is hiding. I hope Raine ends up with him, as I'm sure you're intending to do...
I can see his predicament as well as Raine's. Popularity is something treasured, no matter how frivolous it truly is, especially in high school. And for her, seclusion and privacy are crucial, valuable. Can't wait for more interaction between those two characters.
The new side of Raine, the one that has the potential of seeing the brighter side of life that comes along with social interaction, is also in a quandary. I feel those moments would be better reserved for Chase, but at least we can see them uncovered.
Excellent work so far. I'll check back regularly to see how this progresses.
6/29/2004 c4 1FamousOneLiners
I just love this story, very well written and so intriguing
6/29/2004 c4 WildGoddess
I love your story! It's so beautifuly written. Your characters actually have personalities that diferentiate them from everyone else. I think you're plot is divine, which makes everything that much more interesting. I can't wait to read more.
6/29/2004 c4 3Miss Meticulous
I really like this story so far. I only found it today, and i was planning on reading it in one sitting but I was interupted rudely several times. I am looking forward to seeing where this will go, and what exactly Chase is hiding... Update soon!
6/29/2004 c4 4anatidaephobiac
Awesome story! I love it...
Frayed Galliano had it advertised at the bottom of their story, and commented that it was a really good story, but wasn't getting a lot of reviews... i completely agree...
i mean, there's so much potential in both this story and your writing to be something great. actually, scratch that... it's already great. and it has an air of mystery... you want to know what's up with chase...
anyway, you shouldn't feel bad about a lack of reviews, because sometimes the best stories are never found... plus you're just in the beginning. you totally deserve more though, because the story rocks.
update soon!
6/29/2004 c4 vintagewhitegloves
I LOVE this story SO much. It's so like...mysterious and such. And I just HAD to refer your story! Update SON i'm dying to know what's going to happen, you are SUCH a great writer.
6/29/2004 c3 Sassy
This story has me captivated!
I look foward to chapters to come!
6/29/2004 c3 Bloody Love
This is really really really good. I feel like I'm reading a book! And I like books. I was kinda worried there for a moment. Raine was thinking about Chase as if he died and then it said she didn't know if he was alive and whatnot. So I was relived cuz it would just be too sad if he was dead. Well I hope you get the next chapter out soon. I really want to know what is going to happen. I'm gunna die waiting.
6/29/2004 c3 1Stevshals
Wow! This is such a great read! You are an amazing writer!
6/28/2004 c3 vintagewhitegloves
Sorry, i read this a little while ago, but as usual my computers being stupid. Anyway great chapter as usual, i SO love this story, i really dont understand why it's not getting as many review, well i hope you update soon, i'm addicted =0) hehe, I'm glad you like my name.
6/28/2004 c3 natalie-b
m... very intriguing... i like the way you're prolonging the mystery... and i'm looking forward to more...
6/28/2004 c3 24beve
hi...this is a good story but i think the events happen a little too fast.u should elaborate a little more on each scene-especially the emotional ones n all that.
btw,i dun get how she can write a book, a complete FULL book if she doesnt know the complete story of what happened to chase?(he sounds really hot)
review some of my work if u have time! if ur lazy to pick one,could u review my poem 'suffocation' then?thnx
6/28/2004 c3 Unaff3ct3d
WHOA!I am seriously speechless.This story gives me chills,it was so damn good.I was caught up in this story from the very beginning.The characters are so well depicted.The details of the story were just incredible.I love this story and highly recommend you keep with it!I want to read more.Keep writing and you can guarantee I will keep reading!I am just starting and if I ever write a story,advice would be awesome.Well great work!Please please please continue writing this story!
6/27/2004 c3 8TopatoPotato
I really, really, like this story. It has major potential, and I feel like I want to learn more about Raine, and about Phillip, and Chase, and pretty much all of the characters! Great writing, I look forward to reading more!
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