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for Shades of Grey

7/3/2004 c9 15CarrieTheVampire
wonderful. i have a feeling though that
Llyania will be awake when he returns from hunting, for some odd reason.
7/3/2004 c9 52Liviania
Excellent story, keeping away from most of the cliches of the vampire genre.
7/1/2004 c8 15CarrieTheVampire
wonderful, love it. added you to my fav authors, this story to my fav stories. I can not wait to hear more. Did Raven really have to die in order to get Daemeon upset? by the way that is the most curious way to spell Daemeon. Anyway great and cant wait. Good Bye
See Ya Round,
CaRRiE the Vampire
6/30/2004 c8 5Spirit of the Sacred Dance
Truly magnificent! The suspense, the angst, the glimpse into Daemon's past, the terrific use of grammar and punctuation, and the cliffhanger. I'm surprised you haven't sent this in to be published. This chapter was long and well-written. I hope it doesn't end here. Did you invent the poison Tymesrydder, or was it a name taken from a book? Either way, this is very, very good! Congradulations on something so fantastic. I hope you'll continue soon, since I'll be looking for an update.
6/30/2004 c8 Aphrodides
Good story. The beginning was kind of slow but got way better! Update soon? Please and thank you
6/26/2004 c7 15CarrieTheVampire
more must have more!
by the way, what time period is this based in, now? and and where does the story take place? i mean its good and all but for all those folks with a picture imagination you got to know where this takes place. yeah anyway great, few spelling errors but now ones perfect.
see ya round
CaRRiE the Vampire
6/26/2004 c7 5Spirit of the Sacred Dance
Good suspense work. Still very well-written. I wish the chapters were longer, now that you're getting into the story.
6/24/2004 c6 Spirit of the Sacred Dance
This plot is wonderful! I'm really surprised you haven't gotten hundreds of reviews yet. I'll be sure to stay updated on this story-Keeping you on my Author's Alert list. Your grammar is good, this plot is terrific, your character-development is going well, and the names are original as is the idea of throwing several vampires into a band. I haven't read that type of idea before. Really great work, and I hope you'll continue soon. I'll be looking for your update...
6/24/2004 c1 Spirit of the Sacred Dance
I love the poem at the beginning. Isn't that Staind's lyrics to their song "Shades of Grey"? I don't have their CD and I haven't looked up the lyrics, but that's cool you put that in here. I really like Song-Fic stories. Even though this chapter is short, it's just the prologue, and it's very good. I'll go read the rest of this now.
(PS: I'm CFC's friend.)
6/23/2004 c5 3Clever Fox Cub
Oh, I really like this! Y'know if you let anonymous people review you'd probably get tons more reviews! This is a great plot, it's well-written, and the characters are interesting. Kudos! I'll go tell me buddy whose totally into Sci-Fi-ish stuff about this story, and I'm sure she'll review! Wonderful work so far! Will you be continuing soon? I hope you will, if you pretty-please could! Still, I love the suspense. ~.~ Have a great summer! Take care.

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