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8/29/2005 c7 1shimmer115
I liked it. At first it was abit slow,but then it picked up.It was a good story. I liked how you showed that reliox and kipali care for each other. And the ending was nice and good.
9/17/2004 c1 G-unit
hey melaine thanks for the review
8/26/2004 c1 37negligible fictional force
this looks good.
i've never really appreciated yaoi
but now i'm getting more exposure. ^^
*saiyuki! my friend and i
consider the goku hakkai pairing*
this looks to be cute.
i shall go on.
and hooray.
you have a fan.
you're going on my favourites. ^^
8/25/2004 c1 1Terryll Preston
Very well written and incredibly descriptive. I should have read this much sooner, but I've been so busy with updates and emails! Anyway, this story has a very good start and pulls you in quickly, the true sign of writing talent. You can definitely expect more reviews to come! Afterall, I still have six more chapter to go! Don't you ever stop writing, the literary world would be seriously missing out if you did! Thanks for the kind words on "Dreamscapes: The Dreamscar", I really appreicate them.
See you next review!
7/20/2004 c7 Ephemeral Seraphim
So this is the beautiful, beautiful end.
*sobs her eyes out* Why does such greatness have to end? WHY!
Crazy Hazy: OH NOS! Why do great authors do this to ME?
Lee: Hn. (Yes, I AM a man, and to prove I'm a Big Strong Manly Man, I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry...WAH! Don't want good story to end!)
(Suddenly, all three personalities trade conspiration nods).
Ah, yes. We want you to write a sequel!
Crazy Hazy: Yeah! Yeah! Sequel! Sequel!
Lee: Hrmph. (Of course! I'm man enough to take another great story!)
Oh, and you're welcome, Profiterole. I only had to encourage you with this much enthusiam because I came upon a story in this abyss that is known as FictionPress, and have many things to say, yet don't have the eloquence to tell you so. I've been waiting for the next chapter, and surprisingly found it to be the end. It was beautiful, though, and I liked it. This seems to be a happy ending for homosexuals, huh? ;)
Crazy Hazy: Me likey! Me likey! But why'd it have to end? Great stories DON'T have the right to end! They just don't! It be wrong!
Lee: Hm. (I agree. Why is this great piece of work...no, masterpiece, ended? Couldn't it have been longer just so I can read out my fantasies of being with another man? Oh, the pain!)
Well, we're very glad that Reliox got better, and the evil, evil Numas were destroyed.
Crazy Hazy: HELL YEAH! I'd give the Numas a whack, then a karate chop, and then a piledriver! WOO-TAH! I'm the Silent Wind of Doom! WHOOSH!
The ending was so sweet. I'm glad that everybody began to accept it. Are you converting the people in your world to yaoi too? *wink, wink*
Crazy Hazy: We must convert people to yaoi! Or else, i will use my razor-sharp ninja skills! (goes around in a sporadic dance)
Let's move on
Well, it's time for the grand ending of this. Each of my personalities will give you a grand review of their own. Enjoy!
Me: Well, this has been one of the greatest stories I've ever seen in a long time. Your story seems so realistic, and it's sprinkled with yaoi and hot love to boot. Oh, I loved this so much. I'm sorry if I sound like a squealing fangirl, but the greatness of this story is too much to handle. I'm glad that I encouraged you, and I could only give you the utmost enthusiasm because this is a story that I've found to like so much that it has grown a special place in my heart (and of course, you're on my favorites list). Reliox and Kipali became like brothers to me, and I shared their triumphs and their dramas, their hopes and fears, their loves and their dreams. It was like I was transported into that beautiful world of yours. If possible, could I take a vacation there? *wink*
Hm, well, I can't wait to see the sequel, or if you're planning to write other stories, I'll read them as fast as possible.
Crazy Hazy: WOW-za! I like their hot, hot love! It made me all hot and bothered now *steam*. Especially after the swimming in the lake, thing, I LOVED the sight (spittle comes from her mouth). Oh...I want more, more, more! Say, if Reliox and Kipali and me play water polo in the lake, and if I win, you get to write the sequel, okey-dokey? Or...even better! Water tag, the one where you have to go under a person's legs to free them if they get tagged (perverted and twisted thoughts populate her mind like the spring bunnies)! I'll try my best to win, so you can write another great story! Please, please, please? Oh, yeah, I shall convert all the citizens of the world to *like* yaoi! And not just like it, they have to be lovers with it! Yow-za, childrens! Yow-za, yow-za! I'll be back, childrens! Stay tuned! WHE!
Lee: Hm. Hn. Hrmph. (Wow, this is the most I'm EVER going to say to anybody, so you better listen up. While I acted out my fantasies with Reliox and Kipali, I have to say that I'm all *tingly* now. Oh, yeah, since you're my most favorite author in the world, I'm going to be your personal bodyguard against bad people, such as flamers, plagarists, mean people, and more! All at the lowly cost of giving me Reliox or Kipali. No? WAH! Why didn't I think of such snexy characters? Heather, you suck! I can't believe you didn't think of people that good! Please, please, please, give me Reliox or Kipali, with bishounen Juneau and Andante plushies on top - on top of each other, of course! -? Well, feast your eyes as Andante and Juneau kiss each other passionately in the sunset. I set them up, of course, because I love seeing other yaoi couples so happy together! Ah, isn't love so beautiful? It doesn't matter about gender, all that matters is the LOVE. ^^ Goodbye, Profiterole. Remember, my offer of being a bodyguard still stands.
Ahem, weren't those beautiful reviews? We hope to see more from you! Until then, we're waiting anxiously for the sequel, if Crazy Hazy really DOES win water polo or water tag.
Crazy Hazy: I will! I will! Are you threatening me, Heather? I can SO win!
Okay, whatever. As usual, we love the story. I hope we'll be able to review more of your stories! Speaking of which...*MEGA GLOMP* WE LOVE YOU! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! WE WANT TO SEE YOU PUBLISHED AROUND THE WORLD! WE'LL BE THE FIRST ONES TO MEET YOU! Anyway, I hope you'll find this as encouragement to write more. Love ya, hun. Hasta luego
chibichocobo AKA Heather, Lee, and Crazy Hazy
7/19/2004 c6 Ephemeral Seraphim
Crazy Hazy: M...me like!
Lee: *faints from another nosebleed massacre*
Well, I have to say, I like this story very much! I tried to read it as fast as I could as soon as I got home from Virginia. It was pretty crowded and cramped in there, but somehow, I survived, LOL. Don't worry, I didn't die! Honest! So they finally found the Sphere of Glaziodus. Oh, I can feel my skin tingling for more juicy, juicy story (and of course, for more yummy yaoi). They made love! How awesome is that? Are they going to do it more, or are they going to be separated by their families? Will you write more at the end, even after they defeat the evil spirits, and have more of that yaoi goodness?
Crazy Hazy: Me want more! Me want more!
Lee: Hn. (Yes. We all hail to Profiterole, the Yaoi Master!)
My favorite part was when Rel tells Kip 'Yes. You may be delicious, but you aren't nutritious at all.' LOL! That's definitely my favorite part in the story (and that's saying a lot, because I've got a lot of favorite parts in the story!)I can't believe they made love! I can't get over it! In fact, I almost died from too much yaoi greatness! How do you do that?
Crazy Hazy: WOW-za! WOW-za! This be too much! But I LIKE it!
Lee: Hrmph. (Me too. Sometimes, it makes me forget about my hermaphodite problem that nobody seems to be able to figure out. In fact, I think I'm probably a man, so then I can actually *practice* living out yaoi! Haha, Crazy Hazy and Heather can't be a yaoi couple! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm SO special!)
WOW. Lee IS a Man? Could it be? Or is he/she kidding us all? Stay tuned for the next episode, folks.
Crazy Hazy: Lee's a man? He wants to *practice* real-life yaoi? (starts getting perverted thoughts inside of her head that seem to give birth like spring bunnies)
TMI. Too much information. You know, this is too much reality for me.
Crazy Hazy: I never be in reality. The world is a stimulus.
What a delusional. Anyway,we're all waiting for the next installment. We all love you (all three personalities give you mega glomps).
Now don't you feel special? You should, because you're one of the greatest writers to be on Fictionpress, and we think you should get published. Wouldn't that be great? I'd be the first to buy it and have it signed by you. Anyway, I'm off to do...stuff. See you later, and keep on writing!
Hasta luego!
7/12/2004 c5 Ephemeral Seraphim
Lee had another nosebleed attack.
*sigh* really, must you do that? ;p The swimming scene was so...CUTE.
*Imagines both Reliox and Kipali glistening with water*
Lee practically dies from too much yaoi goodness. His (or, still to be decided, her) eyes are replaced by two stars.
Crazy Hazy: WOW-za! This be a great story, childrens! Yow-za, yow-za, YOW-ZA! Oh, speaking of childrens, this story just makes me wanna have kids!
Me and Lee and probably everybody else that sadly had to witness this: O.O
Um, anyway, I'm not sure what Crazy Hazy is really trying to say, but I know from intricate translation that it is a good thing :) Basically, Crazy Hazy is harmless...sometimes. Maybe. Lee is a Big Strong Man, but he's (or she's) a softie at heart. Isn't that right Lee?
Lee: Hn...
Translation: He says you're the greatest writer in existence, and we shall all bathe in your greatness. We will continue to swamp you with reviews to let you know that this story is the best thing that happened to us since Stephen King. Oh, how I miss him! But you're growing to be even better, and that's saying a lot. :)
Crazy Hazy: Stephen King! Stephen King!
Hmm...anyway, not much else to say. Is the story coming to an end? They're already at Glaziodus to get the Sphere. Does this mean...it's actually over?
Crazy Hazy: *bawls her eyes out* NOS! WHY? WHY! Please don't let it end, please don't let it end! I...I'm experiencing...trauma...*curls into a ball and starts sucking her thumb*
If it ends, I suppose it will be best for the story, although it will be one of the saddest things that we would've experienced. *sniff*
Anyway...the good news is...we totally love your story! Bah, I bet you knew that already, but we need to constantly reassure you so you know you've got fangirls (and/or fanboy) backing you up! Whe!
We're glad that you've finally updated it. All of my personalities thoroughly enjoyed the story. Heh, heh, I'll e-mail you later! Hasta luego!
7/11/2004 c4 37Teperehmi
Wonderful! Update soon!
7/10/2004 c2 chibichocobo
I felt lazy and didn't feel like signing in. Thanks for reading the next chapter in my story! I've read your story again, and I think it's great. Like my friend Ashley says, it's a story that you can 'read over and over again'. My friend and I were having trouble setting up an account for her, it seems like her e-mail's not working. But once she gets set up, she'll be able to contact you and all that other good stuff. She's a very good friend to me, my best friend, and we've been close since were little (well, we met each other when I was seven or something). She's two years older than I am. Ashley loves to write, and her stories are an extremely nice read. Anyway, how's the science magazine coming along? I haven't heard from you for a while...*sniff*. I missed you :(
I can't wait to read the next chapter. The only thing I do is dream, sleep, think this story. It's simply that good! Haha, anyway, I'm going to give you more reviews to make you more special! Yow-za! :)
7/10/2004 c1 Ashley Heathers chibichocobo's Best friend
Melaine, My friend heather recomends you to me. I really liked the story and I think its way better then my story that I wrote with heather. You have some great Ideas for your story. Your story is the first one I read and its a great story to read over and over again. My story is about a villian thats a fox and half man that tried to kill Sakura thats a beautiful fairy that lives in the woods and her boyfriend Link thats a warrior tries to proctect her from harm. Theirs a king thats really demanding and powerful and he has a queen thats just as beautiful as sakura and guinveer tries to kill the fairy. and i think your story is good to read over and over again because i think it's that type of story. i hope you can read my story sometime, and your a great writer. i can't wait to see more :)
7/8/2004 c4 Sabriel-chan
This chapter is so sweet. I really loved the way they discovered that they loved each other. I can't wait to the next chapter.
7/7/2004 c4 Ephemeral Seraphim
Oh...my...GOSH! *squeals in her dad's computer chair and falls down, unable to take in the story's greatness*
Meanwhile, Lee suffered from an immense nosebleed that splattered blood all over the office, and droppecd in a dead faint with a couple of Kleenex up his (or is it her?) nose.
Crazy Hazy: YOW-za! That be the greatest thing that ever happened to me! I be waiting to hear more! More! More! Yaoi be the greatest thing ever too! This is so exciting that I have to go to the bathroom! (leaves the office)
O.o Um, okay, Crazy Hazy is right about this being the greatest thing. I love how you explore the characters in depth, and I also love Reliox's new pet name! Oh, yes, the kiss was intense! And the massage was pretty nice, too!(Lee suddenly has another nosebleed attack).
That was so...COOL! I'm so glad that you're back! I missed you! I'm glad that you've found the time to read my other story and poem. I'm not much of a poet, but I'm glad that you enjoyed it. If only you knew how much joy this story brings me...I feel so happy! I was all excited when I saw that you updated! I'm glad that you wrote more! I'll be waiting for you e-mail. I've missed those too. But Reliox, or better known as Rel, and Kipali, are keeping me in a good mood :) Keep writing. You've got a very, very, very, devoted fangirl for your story. ;)
7/2/2004 c1 It's-a me Mario
Hey! Guess who? I'm back again. You should write a manwha sort of thing for FictionPress (like 'The Tarot Cafe' and 'Les Bijoux'). Thanks for introducing me to manwha. It's like the Japanese manga, except it's based off the Korean culture. You're the best! Do you like my new name (hahahaha, I truly am Crazy Hazy! Wahahahahahaha!) I just felt like giving you another review, and make you feel special! Anyway, again, great story. A thing I forgot to add in the last review was update as soon as you can, silvous plait! Your writing is the best stuff. It's like Pringles chips, sort of. Very addictive. Once you pop, you just can't stop. O.O
Okay, I'll spare further embarassment. Keep up the good work. Remember, I'm rooting for you!
7/2/2004 c3 Ephemeral Seraphim
I'm glad to hear that Kipali is doing all right after the evil Numa attack. It seems like Kipali and Reliox's relationship are taking on another dosage :). As usual, the world is fully developed, the characters realized, and the cultures lifelike and exotic. By the way, don't be unsatisfied with your descriptions. They have very well-chosen words, and don't expect to describe everything. I already get a fantastic mental picture in my head already! Anyway, if you were describe everything in great detail, you'd even have to describe the flyspecks on the wall and the individual blades of grass! Reader collaboration takes place during reading, and the author chooses great words that depict a picture (which you do) and the reader fills in all the gaps in-between through collaboration. For the silam leaves, I imagined them being lustrous from a brilliant sheen in the sun, large in shape and green in color (it was dark for Reliox, though I imagined the leaves being that way anyway). The tree itself must've been large, assuming that it grows monstrous leaves. I've imagined all that, yet you didn't have to describe it all for me. See? Reader collaboration. Don't be displeased with your writing, it's very good. I'm glad to see you've updated, and I'm anxious to read more in the future. Keep on writing! You're doing wonderful!
6/28/2004 c2 sabriel
It seems like it's going to be a good story. it doesn't go too slow or too fast and you seem pretty good at description.
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