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10/17/2009 c6 3Uchiha Chi
It's so GOOD! Oh my gosh! The chapters were a little short, but it was still fabulous. I love Peter in all of his cuteness and cuddlyness. Joel is amazing, and he's so melancholic and scared. I love your writings!
11/3/2008 c6 mypi
oh yeah, i liked it, but now some criticism

your writing is pretty good, what i'd say that it lacked detail, and no i don't mean rape scenes, you should give your story more feeling, it sounded more like a summary of a story

sorry if it was harsh, just felt like saying something

you should write more longer stories like that ^^

7/24/2007 c1 25justaguy
Of course you should continue. Keep writing. I, for one, want to know what is next. I like it. Thnx for having it. It actually kind of reminded me of something. Something happened to me and it brought it back. I just did not have someone to run to.

Take care.

9/19/2006 c6 1beloved18
i want more storie,
9/19/2006 c1 beloved18
i luv ur story
2/19/2006 c6 30In Darkest Night
i can't believe you can even THINK it's bad! thats one of the most inspiring shounen-ai stories i've EVER read, EVER!

2/1/2006 c6 13Artificial Refuge
Oh my God that's so cool! That's really really awesome and it's been finished off so well. :D
2/1/2006 c6 ColdFrost
Very good! A great story.(Congrats on finishing :-) )

1/24/2006 c6 7Love Eternally
loved it. Simply beautiful. Much better than my own.
1/25/2005 c5 9Goddess Of Imaginary Life
WHAT! YOU CANT LEAVE ME HANGING.. Bad cliffy bad bad cliffy. Gr. Update otherwise I will send you a million annoying emails from the coll. :/ Get a move on. Why are you still reading this?
1/25/2005 c4 Goddess Of Imaginary Life
good. not much angst in here.
1/25/2005 c3 Goddess Of Imaginary Life
I'd hate lying to my lover (have they slept together yet?) I hate Joels fther. Evil bastard, EVIL!
1/25/2005 c2 Goddess Of Imaginary Life
I didn't know men could... enter each other, as such. But then again, I dont know any male anatomy. Poor boys. :(
1/25/2005 c1 Goddess Of Imaginary Life
wow. Poor Joel. This is Elspeth the Brat by the way. I think this is really good.
1/23/2005 c5 Shadowwolf Ackers
Keep going this is great
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