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7/6/2006 c1 15fallin4ualwayz
its very sweet! i love it!
6/6/2005 c1 17Jupiter666
beautiful... really. I love it. I know that feeling. Maybe not on the same level as you because I'm with that person. But I understand it. Very nice. ^_^
5/14/2002 c1 Orangeblossom Sandydowns
wow... that's really beautiful... kind of "phantom"-esque. but no matter, i LOVE erik! wahhhh! this and the other poem pretty much sum up my feelings about him. who cares if hes ugly?
12/14/2001 c1 2Sera L. Carter
Another beautiful poem by the wonderful Erik's Angel! Come on! Round of applause! KUTGW!
6/23/2001 c1 3Ryuduja
very nice I liked it alot
1/28/2001 c1 Iz
I like it! It's cute. Very good for 12! LYLAS
1/21/2001 c1 Phantwo
Short & Sweet - two good qualities of good poetry. I'm a poet too, but I specialize in clerihew. Nice poem, even though it was written when you were twelve (lol... how does that make it bad?) and there's one spelling error. Despair, not dispair. (lol) Sorry, I'm a perfectionist when it comes to English/Spelling.
1/5/2001 c1 8Amethyst LaReine
again, very cute!
1/5/2001 c1 Lexi
Interesting, but I don't really think you can be in love when you're twelve.
1/5/2001 c1 21heart warden II
That's so nice! Wow . . . I like that! It's very sweet, and I like the message. Great!

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