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8/7/2008 c4 12Vio the Wandering Lover
This chapter was pretty good. It's just that it was still too short and moved too fast. I can see how you were improving over the chapters.
8/6/2008 c3 Vio the Wandering Lover
Still unorganized but the humor made the story less...crappy? It was much better than the first chapter but still not very explanotory. To be frank, compared to the new miracle makers the chart would look like this.

M.M Original/M.M Re-done

Length: Too short better than anything I've done.

Style: Pathetic see above

Speech: Not well see above (X2)

storyline: would be Excellent. (I gave u too much credit.)

confusing if

I hadn't read

the other one.
8/5/2008 c2 Vio the Wandering Lover
Ha! It's finally my turn to criticize your writing! All the rest of the crap you've made have been damn near perfect but this...is maybe one of the most unorganized pieces of crap I've ever seen. Getting to the point, it reminded me of your first chapter in the new version and my entire story of V.C. It was questioning but enticing. It flowed way too fast and barely explained much at all. I'm very happy you did re-do the whole thing because by reading that one chapter, it was like you had an idea but no writing style at all.

P.S If this was overly harsh, I apologize. I've never reviewed a story badly. To be honest, this was actually good. I just wanted to say mean things because I wouldn't be writing if it were'nt for you. Sorry and thanks.
5/3/2005 c2 Taper
This is one of the best fiks i have ever read. U have such great i deas, how did u ever think of something like this, i'm so into this. I can't wait to see how the plot develops... AWESOME JOB!
12/10/2004 c7 Arekusu Vladimir
Really sorry it's been so long. Anyways, so far, it's good, but the way that there's so much action, it sounds more like it's just you narrating by word-of-mouth. And that isn't necessarily a good thing. There's hope though. Try using more creative and eloquent words and adjectives and verbs. Anmd Mors Mortis means "Death of death" in Latin. Peace out.
12/1/2004 c1 SplinterX
hey nice chapter, a bit short but it was still pretty good. Cant wait for the next chapter. Well Ciao
10/30/2004 c8 10SplinterX
Hey this was an awesome chapter. Never expected it...of course. Keep writing luf MM hopin to see more!
10/25/2004 c1 SplinterX
You chuka. my man, this fic kicks ass. You better write more or i will burst thru ur front door with chainsaw and a railgun. Later!
8/20/2004 c4 Vladimiri
I can't believe I forgot to review this for so long. Sorry dude. Anyways, I love it. It's hilarious, because u just suddenly cme up with an over-used plot device, got into almost no detail, and everybody just rolls with it, and the story keeps going. I don't know why those are good things, but the way u put it is funny. READ THE BOURNE IDENTITY FOR AN EXCELLENT EXAMPLE OF A MEMORY LOSS-PLOT THING PUT TO GOOD USE.
7/17/2004 c4 Esme Took
Hey Chuka, good story! And by the way, you have some good catch phrases in here too... I still need to write my story. When I do, you'll be the first to see it :) adios KEEP THE STORY GOING!
7/17/2004 c4 Aikoh
Aw, poor Genki-san ^^. LOL Worse, poor Kenji-san! Heehee. I liked the old anime cliche of can't remember anything ^^
::pokes:: Where are they goin'? Are they gonna run into someone bad?
And sugoi, an op and ending!
Heehee, I love doing the jikai/next ep previews...
Now come on! Don't tell me she can't remember her name! Who is she? And what're they gonna refer to her as since they don't know her name? o.O
Genki: Easy! As bit -
::whacks him on the head:: no, that's rude. I'll just have to wait for the next chapter.
::delayed reaction::
- Akayama
7/16/2004 c3 Aikoh
LOL They peeked in the s' locker room! ::dies laughing:: Genki was kinda scary, de gozaru o.O;! I wonder if there's anymore Miracle Makers? Is there gonna be a big evil bad guy they fight or no?
Then again, I'm just a curious person.
::pokes:: Not updated in a while you have not! For shame! (But I shouldn't talk. I do that a lot on fanfiction -;;)
- Akayama Kaoru
7/16/2004 c2 Aikoh
^^ I like this story! I'm intrigued...what's it gonna be about? Fantasy? Samurai? Something ELSE? I also like Genki already. ^^ I don't mind if you make this story like mine at all! Feel free to! ::pokes j00:: Don't give up! Keep writing it! The formatting is well done too ^^ I like it muchly.
You'll make it to the second one! Just keep believing in yourself, ne?
- Akayama Kaoru / The Genki Shinsengumi Fangirl
6/25/2004 c1 Esme Took
Hey, hey, hey! Nice start! Really, keep this story going. Well, best be off. Later days^^ *huggles* lol, sorry, Chu.

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