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for Friendship Forgotten

7/8/2004 c5 13Grace Hsia
Ugh, writers block. That is happening right now for Shadows Melt...and I know what I want to write for Beauty Before Beast and Cursed...but I can't get it out onto paper.
*grumbles about evil Muse who refuses to inspire poor unfortunate victim (ie writer)* lol! Us poor authors suffer. Anyways, love this story! And no matter that this new chapter is super short.
Ahem! Back to my rather weird answers to what you have to say. lol! Yay! Somebody appreciates my reviews. And at least there is one other person who agrees that the quadrativ formula is basically useless in real life...cuz it's so hard and forgettable.
You speak Italian? That is so cool! I can speak chinese pretty fluently, and some polish cuz my best friend's polish and i've picked up some things. Like nie means no...I've had to hear that a lot from my best friend's mom after all the times that we've asked her to bring us to the mall, movies, Cedar Point, you get the picture. Yea, I have a crazy bunch of friends. Like we were just going down this super steep dirt path at this one park today (Nelson, although you probably don't care. ^_^ Just kidding! Details are usually good...) Anyhows, there was this huge chunk of dirt at the top of the hill that shouldn't be there, and it is basically like a weird ramp/speed bump. (Don't ask! lol) Anyhows, so I was going last after everyone else went down on their bikes and I decided to go at the highest speed that my bike could possibly go.
One second before I go over the edge, I realize that I'm going too fast. Then, I'm pressing my handbrakes frantically...but it didn't work...and my bike's front wheel went up, which led to me panicking. So then, I had to bounce down sort of on the seat...which led to me ruining my balance on the bike. Which then led to the bike tipping and landing on top of me and scraping the side of my elbow. The scrape really isn't all that big though...but it did hurt a lot.
I blab a lot don't I?
Ice cream...yum. It tastes yummy. And I love eating it quickly! I can finish a whole pint in 30 minutes (Something that I thinnk is a great achievement!).
My favorite flavor is probably cookies in cream.
That was really random...ah well! Randomness rules my life!
Ahem, enough of my weirdness...which u are probably used to by now in my reviews.
YAY! I'm really glad you like my story! At least someone does. Anyhows, I'll try to update ok? I can't make any promises though on which one I'm going to update next or how soon. It's pretty unpredictable right now cuz I'm suffering from writers block (A pretty severe case too)
*gasps as startling realization occurs* Is my story getting not funny cause of lack of inspiration from my Muse? GAH! Or is it just me? I really don't know...but I sort of need reassurance from a reader (other than me). ,\O
6/29/2004 c1 19AlexKay
A few inconsistencies here witht the teachers name. Also maybe introducing the main characters name earlier may help. Other than that its good. Much like me though you're dialogue needs more development. Try and act out what they would say with yourself and maybe someone else.
6/29/2004 c3 13Grace Hsia
No worries! My evil art teacher is no longer my art teacher...or so I hope cuz I'm going to high school next year...so I'm hoping that my art teacher doesn't have a job there...although he seems to have a job practically everywhere. *gasps* MAYBE HE'S A STALKER! Just kidding. lol! He couldn't possibly be smart enough to know what stalker means in the first place.
Anyhows, yeah, I've had those types of arguments...where I know that I'm gonna lose but I still keep going. Hehehe! It's fun to get people mad though. Has Cormac realized who Stella is yet? I mean, something in his head has to click that Stella was a girl he argued a lot with and this familiar girl argues a lot with him...but he obviously doesn't realize it. *sighs* poor guy...he's not the brightest soul is he? And aw...Russell is so sweet when he encourages Stella to not jump out the window/stab self with paintbrush. Ah yes...the pros and cons of stabbing self with a paintbrush.

AH! You like ginger beer? I don't like it at all! I think it burned away about half of my mouth the first time I tried it...okay...maybe it didn't really burn all that much. And math. I HATE MATH! I'm passably decent though...thank god. I mean, how am I ever supposed to use the Quadratic equation in real life? I'D FORGET HOW TO USE IT BEFORE I EVER USE IT! Ah well...I love this story! It's pretty good, and I love how you've decided to write cool poems and a story on the side. ^_^ PLEASE UPDATE!
*Orient Fox*
6/28/2004 c2 Grace Hsia
LOL! Loved this chapter! I didn't know I had such an enthusiastic fan. ^_^ It makes me feel so special! Okay, not to the freaky point though as that last sentence suggested. *bows* Your welcome for being your first reviewer! I really like this story! No worries! I'm almost finished with chapter seven of Cursed. YAY! I just need to add a bit more because it doesn't seem long enough...ah well. I'm going to probably post it up in the next week or so. I hope. I'm kind of desperately hoping here! Anyhows, love the excuse that Stella came up with. I actually tried that with my nurse a few years back and she also believed me. What is with teachers that they believe dehydrated pity tales. One is forced to wonder how the nurse got the job in the first place. OMG! Your art teacher is the complete opposite of my art teacher. My art teacher is:
1) guy
2) evil and mean beyond all reason
3) completely unartistic
4) grumpy all the time and does not greet students with a happy smile and hug
5) Forgets every single student
Yup, that's my wonderful art teacher. Gr...I hate him. He doesn't think that art is something that comes from your soul. In his words, "Art is the appreciation of tasteful art." Meaning, "Art is when you appreciate what I consider art. Don't do so and I will promptly give you an F."

Aw...I think Cormac might have feelings. Although I like Russell. Have you seen the Harry Potter movies? Well, you know the guy who's Seamus Finnigan, his name is Devon Murray and HE IS SO HOT! He is who I have pictured for Russell. Do you speak Italian or were you using one of those wonderful translator thingies from google? lol! I like to use those a lot. Anyhows, I like your story and I still think it has a lot of potential and I will remain one of your devoted reviewers. ^_^ UPDATE quickly!
*Orient Fox*
6/26/2004 c1 Grace Hsia
I like this story! Continue it! It sounds like it has a lot of potential in it, and I like your characters! I like the way you tell your story too. PLEASE UPDATE!
*Orient Fox*
6/26/2004 c1 Guest
it's interesting so far :) keep writing

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