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for Do You Have to Have a Reason?

7/30/2006 c1 2solinxisguardian
Since I am not a small child anymore, it has become increasingly difficult to tell even some of my closest friends when to save all their questions. Times have definately changed and so have my ways of dealing with the prodding unsatisfaction I see when I choose not to disclose specific reasons for everything.Luv the poem.
8/20/2004 c1 32SarahB0123
no you don't have to! lol. I liked the poem it's so true. I hate when people ask questions it doens't matter i don't have a reason so i can't tell them it! I liked it alot keep it up!
7/27/2004 c1 19Crow08
You said in your profile to guess your age. I'm going to go with five, because toddlers also like to write poems that make people's eyes hurt.
7/8/2004 c1 3Marisa Rae
Hey, it’s just me again! I like this poem too! It has really good rhythm!

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