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for Bulletproof

10/5/2007 c1 15HauntedHeart
Aw, I think we all feel this way at times. How nice if our souls and hearts could be protected and never hurt. Nice poem.
8/17/2004 c1 32SilverRaiine
I love it. It makes a lot of sense to me.
7/12/2004 c1 8the heart's pawn-shop
wow! kudos to you! that was a really, really good poem. my favourite line was "of a carcass left for crows" -that sounded really good. Great as usual!
6/29/2004 c1 72dirt-is-yummy
This is great, as usual.
I hope everything is going ok for you. Thanks for your reviews, they really helped bring my day up.
About this poem, I like how the whole thing rhymes except for the very last line, it makes it stick out.
Thanks again,
6/29/2004 c1 Crimson Arranz
wow... i like this. it is so simple and yet, i dunno, powerful. again a more than brilliant poem.
hope you're doing ok, my email is somewhere among the mess on my bio if you need it, lol.
take care and remember that a bulletproof vest would protect you, but bullets, as much as they hurt, they make you who you are, and from what i've heard so far, you're one great person.
6/28/2004 c1 3RazortotheRosary
but sometimes life adds an extra kick
so pillows don’t do the trick
That was my favorite line...this is really heartfelt I know where you're coming from. Keep writing!

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