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10/3/2004 c12 anonymousness
10/3/2004 c11 anonymousness
now i feel all moded for being hella late. oh well. i just felt like reviewing. well i knew that you had already finished the story but being the good follower i am, i left a review or my LATE INSIGHT on what you should do like you told people to do. woohoo thats funny/dumb. good chapter. what an eye opener
10/3/2004 c10 anonymousness
YOU WANT "UNPREDICTABLE-NESS"? YOU SHOULD MAKE JACKIE HOOK UP WITH EVAN AND ALEX BACK WITH JASON! now THATS unpredictable-ness. i dont know. its a suggestion. but if you dont like it, you can go with jackie hooking up with alex, but then what would happen with the thing thats already going on between jackie and jason and alex and evan? although the girls hooking up would be coolio, the girls hooking up with the guys would make the most sense and would be most believable. SHIT...IF ITS CONFUSING, IM EVER SO SORRY. IM JUST AS CONFUSED AS THE TITLE OF THE STORY. ok ok, final words...jackie and alex. how ya gonna make it happen? i shall read more to find out.
-grande fan-
8/27/2004 c12 pteridish
did you lyke abandon this story? cause it's been a long time since u updated and I was juss wonderin about it...
8/11/2004 c12 41Stefen
Yay! You updated! I love it!
8/11/2004 c12 1GlaringImperfections
FINALLY! Ah update soon I have a feeling something's gonna happen at this sleepover!
8/11/2004 c12 Aphrodides
Good chapter, update soon!
8/10/2004 c11 gluggestein
have you abandoned this story? DONT!
8/7/2004 c11 WHOA
update soon! im sittin on the edge of my seat waiting for u to update :( keep going!
8/3/2004 c11 deviegurl
wow! this is an awesome/great/hecka cool/terrifically written story! i wish i read it when you first came out with this. anyways i heard about you from SippingFallenRaindrops and i decided to check your story out and im hecka glad i did! Amanda is really really nice! i love all your characters well .. most of them anyways ... im in china right now for summer vacation and its like 3 am .. im HYPER! im gonna be a freshman in september. the flip facts are great! haha most of my friends are filipeno and two of my best friends are too, so i know lots of stuff about philipeno people .. =]. i LOVE how your story is so unique and original! and i also love how you talk alot in your stories! i
8/1/2004 c11 NNNNNNOOOOOOO
NEAR QUEEN HEAVEN (say the opposite eg. queen and king, heaven and hell, Near and far...) don't leave me hangin like this *sobs*
7/23/2004 c11 Zem
I am glad that you are going with Jackie/Alex. I don't like Evan much, and I really don't like Jason. Yeah, I guess I'm sort of prejudiced against them... which isn't good, I know.
Jackie can't be dead, can she? I mean, if she were, that would sort of be the end of your story...
7/23/2004 c11 Tommy
haha nice one.. for the first time in your story there was an unexpected twist, most of the other twists were obvious.. but nice one, haha maybe you should make her die cause everyone thinks they nkow whats gonna happen.. gonna keep readin if you keep writin thanks for the story
7/22/2004 c11 13Klanfer
DIE *stab, parry DIE*
Sorry i've been hanging around the weirdest people lately... *sighs as chases a birdie*
Vroom... *Pretending to be a bumper car...*
*Falls out of chair*
ta'z luvvi
7/21/2004 c11 4SippingFallenRaindrops
hahaha. *cackle cackle* muahahah! *cackle cackle* Ok, don't know what the hell im cackling about but i just felt like it went with the evil mood! muahaha! u n c o n c i o u s j a c k i e
who... cliffhanger!
interesting interesting.
stupid idiots, putting someone in a CAR TRUNK as a PRANK don't they watch TV? lol jkjk! good job!
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