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for Heavy Limbs, Mortal

4/17/2005 c3 12The Phoenix King
This is really good, very Norse sounding. The only comments I have to make is that you could break up the dialogue more(Seperate lines) and also that you might wish to add more descriptions to your writing. Apart from that however, I like it. The names are really good.

The Phoenix King"Rise from the ashes"
11/5/2004 c1 13whatdreamsmaycome
Great start for a story...all the names are tounge-twisters, but that's ok; you're creating a whole new world here, and your'er entitled to choosing whatever names you desire.
7/1/2004 c1 15Tempest Epilogue
Interesting beginning, if a bit short. I am quite fond of Norse myth, so this is especially interesting. I like the idea of using the wind to take them to the wizard dude. :)
~ Hencellina

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