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12/20/2010 c1 Jose7

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12/9/2004 c1 9Dr. Beowulf
Bloody hell, it's been awhile since I read this! I was still unregistered last time! As I've mentioned, you are a zombie master. I love this stuff.
11/29/2004 c27 12SkyeWolf25
So, this is the wrap for CA, isn't it? Hm. . .odd ending, but I can how it leads into TMP. Still, I'll have to say overall that CA and TTD are extremly good and the one I like the most is difficult to say so I'll I can say is that I rate both stories with a booming 15/10. Anyway, I'll wait for what happens in TMP, just hurry, TMP looked good from what I read of it and I a wanna see what happens. Anyway, chao CA.
11/29/2004 c27 31Shadow Gryphon
Curse you HY-virus dudes! What's with them and testing on their own people, anyways? Seems strange...Ok, now to the next!Gryph
11/29/2004 c27 404358034958034
o, nice. Them New Yorkers is screwed.
11/28/2004 c27 11Misoshiru
o good ending!
11/28/2004 c27 11Wolfie Star26
nice, luved it.
11/28/2004 c26 12SkyeWolf25
Please update soon! Still, I think Pinyae and Rowan survived, you have brought them back one to many times for them not to come back for at least one more haunt in CA. Still. . .I don't believe this about Loa. That was the royal family of surprises. Anyway update soon. Also the ninth chapter to Crimson Katana is up. I got my ducks in a row.
11/28/2004 c25 SkyeWolf25
Nice one. This chapter was good and I can agree with you, math sucks. Do yourself a favor, never ever touch a precalculus book. . .its sheer terror on earth, worse than the virus and the zombies from TTD and CA.
11/28/2004 c24 SkyeWolf25
Heya Alareic, sorry for the long lag time. Anyway, this is certainly a different view on David and hello Rowan again. So you are seriously planning on publishing TTD? If you are, I suggest you combine the two you have now as two parts of a single book. CA and TTD support one another way to well to seperate them now. Just a suggestion. It would defenietly sell and do well. I know I would buy it. Also, heads up, chapter nine for CK is going to be coming out soon, maybe even today if I can get my ducks in a row and finish nine.
11/28/2004 c26 11Wolfie Star26
well i hope you do good on the project. read the chapters whenever you want, you aren't the only one who hasn't been able to read them. life for me and the gang is awesome, we haven't fought anyone since august. anyway, this was a wonderful chapter. you have way to many twists. Kaia an assassin. i never saw that coming. Well Amelia's not a murder, Loa is . . . well sorta. anyway, please update soon.
11/28/2004 c26 31Shadow Gryphon
*yelps* Pinaye is still alive? Again? Wow, that guy's hard to kill. And Rowan too... *shakes head* Curse them!Kaia? I never thought that *Kaia* would be evil. You're definately the master of twists. *bows* All hail the twistmaster!Yes, a comission *would* be fun. I'll come up with a couple ideas and then e-mail them to you, ok?So, next chapter, intro the the Manhattan Project! That would be the group that hired Kaia, along with Pinaye and his folks, then, I'm guessing.Till you post again, a fellow math hater,Gryph
11/28/2004 c26 404358034958034
I think they both survived! They're just crazy like that.

Wow, Kaia was evil too? Madness! I was not expecting that. Plot twisty goodness. Now I will be wringing my hands and mumbling like a homeless person does to a wall until you bring out the Manhatten Project!

I have to do an oral presentation tomorrow in history. Leveled against math, I think math still wins at being the suckiest. ;P
11/27/2004 c26 11Misoshiru
yes, bleep. good chapter... cant wait until the partner... im going to write a partner to Undercover, about how Carlos and Missy met and stuff. I'm also going to rewrite one of the stories that have been taken off due to the fact that they really suck. anyway, lookin forward 2 next chapter and then the manhattan project!
11/23/2004 c25 404358034958034
Gasp! Now that Pinaye is dead, am I Rowan? Run Loa!

Ew, math! I have sped (special education, I'm 'special') math, because I just suck with numbers. But I'm good with words, so that evens it all out. Good luck with your math!
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