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7/15/2004 c1 3sassw14
very well put. the person seemed well i don't know i have a hard time reviewing poetry. but i liked it.
7/15/2004 c1 13lostontheroof
This isn't too bad. I think you're being to hard on yourself in this poem. Why do you think no one cares about you? Keep writing, ok?
7/15/2004 c1 2Sheila Ibre
Yes, my favourite sort of poetry: contradictory and retorical (or is it? Seriously I'm not sure.) Nevermind.
I like the idea though! Especially the repeated parts!
7/3/2004 c1 6Goldensong
Yay! Cool. Nice depressing take on things.
7/3/2004 c1 5PriestSnatcher
I love how you composed this poem and conveyed your emotions mainly through questions. You are very good at showing your emotions without flat out telling us everything. I felt this one. Good job! ^_^
7/3/2004 c1 22MorbidMan
I really like this one. Really good job. It would do quite well as a song.
7/2/2004 c1 41Stefen
Well. It was interesting. Very original. :)

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