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11/11/2007 c3 613DiaRose
Cute. Relatable. I like it.


11/11/2007 c2 DiaRose
I'm not sure why but I love this, so I really have nothing more to say.


11/11/2007 c1 DiaRose
Lol, I love how you did this little trailer, it's so cute.


1/1/2005 c1 writergirlstevie
Its good!

(this is Confusedgrl101stevie from neopets)
12/30/2004 c3 22DragonLady of Avalon
Okay, everything in here is way too short. Dont make chapters too long, but make them long enough for detail and plot.

Otherwise, i'm the Mothman/Thunderbird girl on neopets. i got a few mothman/el chupacabras stories you might be interested in.
12/1/2004 c3 8Yume Megami
Hm...I guess I should stop thinking about things before I read/do them. I usually end up getting disappointed.You have a nice little teasier at the beginning (which is cute). All you have to do now is actually write the story!Trust me, you get NOWHERE if you just think about how cool the story might/can be it never will.Work on writing it and get the story down.Your too unclear in the teasier for me to just sit here. I want to know what happens!
11/30/2004 c3 3NeedsDeletedUgh
uh huh...well then. aren't you gonna tell us what happens then?
7/5/2004 c3 13The UGLY American
GAh! WRITE QUICKLY! I'm getting impatient, and when I get impatient, I get angry, and when I get angry, I get my gun! (very interesting... i'll read w/e u post next... even if its like tolkien[not that i rly have nething against him... just rly boring] )
7/3/2004 c2 The UGLY American
ok, thx 4 clearing things up 4 me, but i thought your handle was a detective named kat...? o well.
7/3/2004 c1 17Killer Fang
sounds interesting... I'll have to see what it is like when u post the actual story! It sounds thrilling and on the edge of your seat!
7/3/2004 c1 13The UGLY American
And you had me all excited, thinking that you had a new story out! Shame on you... *shakes finger* of course, I haven't even posted a summary on FP lately...

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