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3/2/2009 c2 NarutoVixin
i loved this and plan to keep an eye on it for as long as its out here
2/26/2009 c2 3The one and only Chibs
plz write some more it is so kawaii! i love Rossi i know he would so totally be an uke-chan.
3/12/2006 c2 4Forgotten Raven Goddess
I have one thing to say to this story & that word is: UDPATE! I think it's just fine the way it is & would like to see it continued even after so long. So if your would be so kind, update please
12/23/2005 c2 afihim1983
hey cool story
9/24/2005 c2 City Lights Burn Like Stars
i like it i love it i want some more of it! ^^ update SOON! please :D
3/5/2005 c2 6Starlite Nightfall
OMG! HONEY you need to UPDATE THIS right nOW! It's so great! and so pretty AH! I can't believe it's been this long! DOn't stop now! or then...or whatever. I llovved this. AND the jealousy bits were so cute! YEYNESS! update for me, pleease...z. ^_^
1/17/2005 c2 Kura-sama
Oh ... So .. er ... Karl and Rossi won't get together? Or will they? I think they're cute together. I love this story~ heh, hope to see more soon ^^
9/10/2004 c2 3Pineapple Chiffon Cake
'Ello! I absolutely hate Karl! I have no idea why! ^_^;; I like how you flesh out the characters and give them strengths and weaknesses. I feel so sorry for Rossi, it sounds like he's going to be hurt a lot in this story, emotionally if not physically. And my voices are now chanting Rossi's poem... Mwah. Fun. Update soon, please~!
8/30/2004 c2 3I am no longer writing
lovely lovely lovely ::jumps up and down::
8/29/2004 c2 9r.mai
yesh. don't worry about microsoft word. *glares at it and its attempt to correct her grammar occassionally* There's nothing wrong with my gramamar! _ I just need help with spelling sometimes. ah, more Rossi angst. *gives rossi a hug* But hey, he got a cuddle in the end! psh. Karl's just jealous and once he realizes he likes Rossi, maybe we can get somewhere. hope you update soon! see you next chapter!
8/28/2004 c2 Sheepie
O.O I love it... I really liked Eric... but why do I have a feeling he's gonna be a bad guy? Karl was mean but nice... he like defended him but then became a complete and utter jerk. I really liked this chap, so good. Update soon!
8/28/2004 c2 galiemme
Karl's jealous? 0_o ah! oh man this is gonna be good! XD and that everyone said Rossi was a 'beautiful girl'... LoL okay, nothing sane to say... update... go update on Stalker... (please? I'm waiting for thyat lemon you promised... =P.) er... update! XD
8/27/2004 c2 Staris
aw i liked this chapter! even though i'm really liking Karl now lol anyways well writen, clear, ect... it was great! lol anyways update soon! and Rossi is just soo cuddly! hehe muahz! i luv him! ^.^
8/27/2004 c2 20Darkladyknight
Wow, that was so cute. But i wonder, i dont know, i dont like Eric either, something about him gives me the willes lol. Anyways this is another great story. I'm glad you updated.
8/25/2004 c1 3Shinigami Angel of Death
Should of expected something like this from you!
sorry i have been leaving reviews for all your stories at the same time and am running out of things to tell or praise on !^^
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