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for Lonely eyes

5/29/2005 c1 38roxy-babe912
Wow. This is really good. It's amazing, you just sort of get thrown head first into it. There's some truth to it that I just can't place but it's very good. It's AMAZING.

P.S. Will you review something of mine? Preferrably, my new story Awake At Night? It's short. But I have other poetry if you're not into stories.

I'm glad I found this poem. It's going to favorites. :)
7/4/2004 c1 9EmeraldEyes89
Aww. I can relate to this poem. I really like it. and ::rereads ur bio::
BLUE HAIR! KOOL! I wanna dye mine but my parents are like no hair dying till you're 18. lol
7/4/2004 c1 52Kristal
This one had tonz of emotions attacted and it feels so sad and yet so real. VERY good on this one as well!
7/4/2004 c1 38StarEyedSunnySky
Wow. I really do like this poem. I don't think I'd change it except for just maybe splitting this line into two lines
"Without help. Without hands to keep you steady."
Keep writing, I'll be looking for/ at your stuff.

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