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12/24/2004 c1 Dark
7/5/2004 c1 4kazena-chii
That was an awesome poem. i actually can understand wat it means. and ive thought of something like that before. (dont ask)
nice poem keep writing:)
Happy as daggers,
7/4/2004 c1 17OryssaV
I think this could have done so much better as a story format than a poem. There is a lot of excess emotion in this poem that is chaotic that is uncalled for or unspecified enough just to give me a headache. Maybe you should have picked one or two emotions and just wrote about how you feel, but not tell me how you feel; describe it, compare it to something, make a poematic line. It's all about beauty. Find it in yourself... maybe what you lack is patience.
(when I write comments like that, I can't but help to feel like it can be so wrong of me to say them, I could be so wrong on judging.)

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