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3/17/2007 c1 6Erin Hill
OH MY GOD. That was fantastic. I'm just like...wow. I cannot put my awe for this into words. It's just...dude. Can I steal your brain?

Just a few notes about some things (especially the horses) because I'm picky. :)

1. When "he" went to visit the commanding officer (probably a colonel, leader of a regiment of between a few hundred and a thousand soldiers), "he" would have saluted, not just said hello. And it would have been harder to get into that tent.

2. Corrals probably wouldn't have been built for the horses. It's more likely that they would have been tied to fences or trees. Building corrals for horses would probably have been considered a waste of time, materials and manpower when there was a battle impending.

3. An infantry private (the lowest rank of foot soldier, where all enlisted men started out) almost definetely would not have a personal horse. Only officers and members of the cavalry had personal horses. Everyone else walked.

4. This last one I'm not sure of, but my gut feeling is that there weren't any black soldiers at Gettysburg (which has always been my favorite battle, and the only battlefield I've visited). There certainly were blacks at the battle of Gettysburg (as hired help for the Federals, most likely).

Despite those, this story is fantastic, and I look forward to reading more of your work!


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