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for An Ookami's Dream

9/22/2004 c1 2KeishaAnkhMaKainn
KM: "Hi long before you up date?"
Jason: "Yeah we're eagerly awaiting a new chapter."
Shiravo smiles.
Km: "Well we'll be watching."
8/19/2004 c3 KeishaAnkhMaKainn
KM: Lovely. I like your characters all nicely done.
Shiravo: Hm... Being a Samolon Doomwolf I take great care in reading stories of other wolves, but yeah Keisha was right in having me read this. ^_^ "Hey Jason I got the Sherooms"
JAson: huh? Oh, right. hm... lovely based keep up the good work.^_^
8/4/2004 c3 1Yami Tenchi13
Hiya Ashen! It's really good. Update soon please!
7/18/2004 c2 Yami Tenchi13
Nice job! I like it Update soon!
Yami Tenchi
7/11/2004 c2 Sairyu
well last i remembered someone called me evil for ending somewhere like here... ah well cant wait till your next post!
7/8/2004 c1 WinterRaven
You left another cliffie! I hate cliffies, but I'm so excited that you have a copyright. I think...I think...I think I'll join...later...lol :)
Ravenclaw Rocks
7/8/2004 c2 Yuiko
the story was good though i do not particualy like the clifhangers the story line is good
7/8/2004 c2 34Eluza Starsha
Good story so far. I don't like cliff hangers! (gr) But I hope you update soon, and that won't happen if i kill you for working too slowly!

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