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7/31/2006 c9 twistedFAerieTALes
yum. *happily eats sundae* :D poor tash...i can't wait to see what rita is going to do w/the new/extra info. still
7/31/2006 c9 Kelly
'Tis a DAMN good story. Lace it up a bit!
7/31/2006 c9 40TriciaArlene
7/31/2006 c8 TriciaArlene
7/31/2006 c7 TriciaArlene
sweet chappie
7/31/2006 c6 TriciaArlene
^_^ love it. hahah :D
7/31/2006 c5 TriciaArlene
hahaha i love the last two lines. ^_^
7/31/2006 c4 TriciaArlene
7/31/2006 c3 TriciaArlene
wow. this is amazing. really funny email... love it.^_^
7/31/2006 c2 TriciaArlene
I'm loving it so far.
7/31/2006 c1 TriciaArlene
haha that was great.^_^off for the next chapter...
7/30/2006 c9 1Adora Bell
I get a bag of cookies! Yay! This was a sad chapter, I feel really sorry for Tash, and for Lex for his mom and everything that he had been through. I'm actually thinking better of Rita as a person for being there for Lex and not being a bitch as she might have been. Eagerly awaiting the next chapter.-Kat
7/30/2006 c9 136LilLaTLuv

Lol. Thanks for the sundae! YUM! Anyway, I loved it whole NUMPIES! And, byw it was awesome to see the common version of my name on here in my favorite story (I need to fix my homepage...). Oh, but what is she going to do now? I mean, Lex's friends won't accept her, and how can she hang with Xander and his gang after THAT? BTW, is Tash in an institution because she's really crazy or because Xander's folks wanted to shut her up? Either way, poor Tash. I hope she gets out by the end, but I wanted Jenna and Raven to get together. :( Oh, well. UPDATE SOON! PLEASE?

Luv ya,Tashi :)
7/30/2006 c9 1Write a Wrong
At first I hated how Lex kept taking advantage of Rita (even though there was none to take), but now I just want to keep and keep reading... It is contradictory, though, how Rita is really strong inside but still manages to be pushed over. And Alexander really surprised me...the dog. Anyway, I think this story is very original and I want an update As Soon As You Can (ASAYC- the new ASAP). I love the Rita's Brain vs. Rita part.
7/30/2006 c9 1dawn's unforgiving darkness
that is so fucked up

if a person wants to get laid then they shud pay a prostitute

i hate all this shit about rape, it scares me shitless

guys are fuckers!okay not all of them but still...argh i just wanna kill every bastard who's like alexander(in the real world)
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