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for Can I Panic Now?

7/1/2006 c8 8lillypad-hopper
Yay! Now we get to watch Lex cause all sorts of pandemonium! I can't wait, so have the next chapter up soon, please! Keep writing!
7/1/2006 c8 17witchwriter
yes I tend to have arguements with myself-more then usual but I'm crazy so its okay. Fictionpress is the only reason why I chew through the strait jacket every morning. Oh god they're coming back for me. time to put that rope under my pillow to use. bye!
7/1/2006 c8 136LilLaTLuv

So, now we come to the center of his enmity at him, huh? At all of their enmity at Xander. Jerk-off! Anyway, I hope she destroys him. Or, at least, I hope Lex does. Now, then, what is she going to do now? Poor cheerleader. UPDATE SOON! PLEASE?

Luv ya,Tashi :)
6/30/2006 c8 12Lonely Forest
Yay! So happy that you updated. I really enjoyed the chapter. Damn it, Lex is so cute...

and Rita's so...umm...strange.

I dunno, it just seems weird (to me) that someone as independant minded and outspoken as her would actually submit to cheerleading tryouts...but it was obviously necessary to the story, so I don't mind...

anyways, please update again soon...
6/30/2006 c8 24ilovetheopera
wow that was some pissified-ness. even i can't get that worked up. oh but you've got me thinking about where he was going to take her... and then you RUINED it by making Lex pissed! and Crash is so uber cute. must love dogs.
6/29/2006 c8 7Chel-Chang
6/29/2006 c8 3DeliciouslyAngelus
NEXT PLSS ^^ Your story is awesome! quickly update ya! I'm dying here T-T
6/29/2006 c8 1Adora Bell
Wow. I just randomly started reading your story because it seemed interesting, but I think that now I'm hooked. The setting seems so cliched yet not, it's different from all other chich-lits that I have read in it's characters and what they do. I'll be waiting in anticipation for the next chapter. Your new fan,-Kat
6/28/2006 c8 another simile
I love it!

Your characters are so well written, as is the rest of your story, and you can truely relate to them.

Amazing, amazing, amazing work!

Cant wait to read more son! And I DO mean soon...that was one hell of a cliff hanger!


6/28/2006 c8 Simply Lindsey
Ahh! Just when it's gettin' good! Man, That was really good! Can't wait for the next update! Btw...what did Alezander do the first time?
6/28/2006 c8 1d2tspf
I am SCREAMING for more! I love this story...and Lex too, of course.xD
6/28/2006 c8 5Whoregasmic
ookay. so i definitely hope you are going to add more to this story because it really is intriguing. i just kept on wanting to read it. :D its going on my list of faves.
6/28/2006 c8 3SkateForLife
Whoa...the first time? WHAT? AH! I need more chapters! Update soon! Good job by the way.
6/28/2006 c5 5Whoregasmic
haha. this story is cute and funny...i like it!
6/28/2006 c2 Whoregasmic
i like this so far. the chick makes me laugh at how much she hates men, cuz well shes right. they suck and the goth kidds are cool cuz i used to be like that a lot. and well yeah. it is hot. oh yeah and btw you are a good writer!
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